The Benefits of Vitamin C for your Health & Wellness

What is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is an important vitamin that we require as it is required for many biochemical processes that occur throughout our body.

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” goes the saying, but an orange a day can do exactly the same. The vitamin C that Citrus fruits like oranges contain is a water-soluble vitamin, which basically means that the body constantly discharges the vitamin but at the same time, requires that amount to be replenished in order for our body to function properly.

This is why we need to ensure we are either eating foods  high in vitamin C or are taking some sort of vitamin C supplementation.


Vitamin C is required for a number of different systems in your body and helps many biochemical processes occur throughout the body. We need it for our central nervous system, dopamine production, skin health, collagen production, immune system, cardio vascular system, and for cholesterol metabolism.

The Benefits of Vitamin C

While there are dozens of ways vitamin C can play a positive role in our daily lifestyle, some of the most amazing benefits are listed below:

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1. Possible Cancer Beater

Recent research results have supported the connection between a higher intake of vitamin C and lower risk of cancer. Its relationship seems to be that the vitamin limits the formation of many carcinogen types as well as modulating the immune response.

While it has also been discussed to be able to support cancer treatment, the application is still under debate for how vitamin C reacts with chemotherapy and radiation. As the vitamin, known to researchers as target specific, doesn’t harm healthy normal cells – it is widely accepted as both safe and cost-effective.

Our view is that it isn’t a total cure for cancer, but it does help.

2. Stress buster

Vitamin C has been proven to reduce the effects of stress – both psychological and physical – on people and has since been promoted for inclusion in stress management by researchers.

vitamin c benefits beats stressRecent studies have linked a higher intake of ascorbic to better reactions to stress. Vitamin C was earlier shown to decrease the amount of cortisol released in the body. Cortisol is the body’s response to stress which helps the body prepare itself for stress but continuously drains the person’s physical and mental capability, leaving them unable to deal with stress.

The acknowledgment of Vitamin C’s role in stress management should lead to smoother, quicker stress therapy.

3. Slows ageing

Collagen is a protein in our body that helps provide form and strength to the skin that tends to decline in number as we age. This decline brings with it gradual degradation of the quality of a person’s skin. While this process is natural and cannot be stopped, Vitamin C has been shown to boost Collagen synthesis when applied to the face and therefore help revive dead-looking skin.

The effects of application can be seen within a couple of days and is therefore an extremely popular way of preserving young looking skin – at least for some time.

4. Healthier heart


Many research papers and studies have concluded that vitamin c supplementation has a huge role to play in lowering the risk of heart disease and stroke.

From helping prevent endothelial dysfunction and altering lipid profiles and coagulation factors to preventing blood vessel changes that lead to strokes and other cardiovascular complications, the benefits of vitamin c for a healthier heart have always been openly advertised for its simple yet efficient intake procedure.

Some research studies claim that Vitamin C is as good for the heart as regular exercise, and that when coordinated with exercise, can be twice as effective.

5. Immunity boost

Vitamin C and immunity have had a long standing relationship with each other, and although the connecting factors in this relationship has changed quite a bit from the beginning to present day, the idea that Vitamin C supplementations support the immune system has actively been supported.

Immune cells have vitamin C actively pumped into them as required; the amount varies according to the person’s physical and mental health. Experts now recommend taking 1 gm Vitamin C supplements daily to help ensure the immune system remains in optimal condition.

6. Helps Heal Wounds

Another benefit of vitamin C is that it helps the repair of wounds through stimulating the connective tissues to speed up it’s growth.

7. Stops Scurvy

People with low levels of vitamin C, can develop scurvy. Having scurvy often results in swollen gums, joint pain and shortness of breath.

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8. Stops Cataracts

Eye health is important and vitamin C can also help in this area. It has been known that vitamin C allows an increase of blood supply to the eyes. In addition people with a low level of vitamin C in the lens are more likely to develop cataracts.

9. Prevents Strokewoman relaxing at home

Vitamin C is well known for it’s benefits for our cardiovascular health. A diet rich in vitamin C will help keep cardio vascular diseases such as stroke at bay by helping maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

Vitamin C Knowledge

The Importance of Vitamin C

Although taking Vitamin C supplements may seem a tedious task in the long run, the benefits of taking out 2 minutes of your time every day should overpower anybody’s ability to procrastinate. Vitamin C supplements and all its other natural sources present themselves as an offer too-good-to-be-true but establish very real and positive results that you just can’t ignore.

We offer our own range of vitamin C tablets that are on available on Amazon stores within Europe. Even though we have our own vitamin C range, we believe that above all the best way to get your required dose is through correct nutrition through foods that are rich in vitamin C.

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