Top Posture Exercises To Do If You Work at a Desk All Day

If you work a job where you are sitting at desk all day, it’s very easy to develop problems with your posture. In such a case, your head is likely to move into a forward head position and your shoulders will round forward as you hunch over your screen.

It’s important that you learn to counteract this by standing up ocassionally or even using a standing desk, but a better way is to learn a couple of preventative exercises.

The video below shows some great exercises that you can do to prevent bad posture if you work at a computer all day.

The video shows the following:

  • An exercise to help with internal shoulder rotation which happens frequently when you are typing on a keyboard all day.
  • A spinal mobilisation and ab stretch to counteract the problem of hunching,
  • Band pull apart exercise to strengthen the upper back to help pull the shoulders back.

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