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The Best Stretching Machines to Relieve Muscle Tightness

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Many people underestimate the benefits of frequent stretching and the adverse effects that not stretching can have on the body.

Stretching is a great stress reliever and it can also help to calm the mind.

As for the physical benefits these include, improved posture, increased blood flow to your muscles, increased flexibility and range of motion.

Stretching can also enhance your performance during physical activities. [1]

However, if for some reason stretching is difficult for you, there are stretching machines and tools that can assist.

In this article, we’ll share vital information about stretching machines and tools— highlighting their benefits and the available options.

Then, I’ll review 10 of the best stretching machines on the market, and choose our top pick from the list.

The Benefits of Using Stretching Machines

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Stretching machines come in different shapes, sizes and types.

They are designed to gently extend stiff, sore and painful muscles, creating more flexibility.

Machines allow for a deeper stretch, especially in hard-to-reach areas.

Some stretching machines allow for a full-body stretch while others specifically target certain areas such as the calves, back, shoulders, neck, etc.

Depending on which muscle group you want to target you can choose from stretching mats, poles, inversion tables, and other types of machines.

Choosing the right stretching equipment is important and should be chosen according to your age, height, weight and fitness level.

The latter is very important because some devices are more complicated than others and can cause injury if you are not prepared.

If you do not have experience using a stretching machine it’s best to start with something very simple.

Benefits of Stretching Machines and Tools

There are several benefits to owning a stretching machine one being its ability to increase your range of motion by decreasing the stiffness in your muscles.

Additionally, stretching prepares the body for exercise and helps to alleviate post-exercise pain and aches as well.

A stretching machine aids in loosening up the hip flexors and hamstrings thus reducing the risk of lower back pain.

Furthermore, stretching promotes circulation by increasing blood supply to your joints and muscles, which in turn enhances blood circulation throughout your entire body.

If you want to work on your posture, a stretching machine is your best bet as it stretches the muscles in your chest, shoulders and lower back.

This in turn enhances the alignment of your back and helps to improve your posture.

The 10 Best Stretching Machines in 2023

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of stretching machines, let’s share some of the best ones on the market today.

These were selected based on quality, price, and user feedback.

Precor 240i StretchTrainer

The Precor 240i stretcher is popularly used in many gyms and fitness centres and now you can own one too.

It comes equipped with a wrist strap for extra security and control during use so you can control your stretch without being afraid of falling off.

This stretch machine boasts knee pads for added comfort, plus an instructional placard to show you essential stretches so that you can target key muscle groups.

The cushioned seats were ergonomically designed to help stabilize your back as you stretch.

Additionally, the padded handlebars allow you control over the duration and intensity of each stretch.

This machine is not the easiest to assemble, however, once it’s all put together it can accommodate up to 250 pounds.

Overall, the Precor 240i is the go-to stretch machine if you want quality and a machine that’s proven to get results.

That being said, you do have to pay for quality as it isn’t the cheapest full-body stretch machine out there.

If you do have the budget buying this machine should be a no-brainer.

Plus, your purchase comes with a 5-year warranty and boasts commercial quality ideal for persons who need a full-body stretcher.

Quality build
Targets all muscle groups for full-body stretching
Comes with wrist straps for extra security
5-year warranty
Difficult to assemble

IdealStretch Leg Stretcher

This leg stretcher will help you to maintain proper hip orientation.

It has a light steel frame made from heavy-duty construction and allows you a safe way to stretch–by laying on your back.

The Ideal Leg Stretcher promises to stretch the hamstrings and the calf simultaneously and is designed to reduce knee and lateral knee pain, reduce lower back pain and relieve tight IT band issues.

YouTube video

The machine also comes with a DVD.

However, buyers have shared that their leg stretch machine did not come with a DVD as noted in the description, and others have noted the lack of instructions as well.

However, the machine is simple, easy to use and cost-effective and would be a great fit for adults over 50.

Easy to setup and use
Great for targeted leg stretching and hamstring stretching
Does not come with instructions
Does not include DVD and manual
Not ideal for body stretching

Sunny Health & Fitness Stretch Machine

The Sunny Health & Fitness Stretch Machine can stretch up to 9 body parts including your lower back, shoulders, glutes and even calves.

The device boasts an adjustable seat and knee pad so you can control the intensity of your back and hamstring stretches.

If you want a deeper stretch you adjust the seat further back and the knee pad will also shift backwards.

This stretching machine is much like the popular Precor 240i in its design and targets the same muscle groups.

YouTube video

There are however two things that stand out when comparing the two.

Firstly, although the Precor and the Sunny Stretch machine are similar in design, the Sunny stretch machine is far smaller. Not only is it smaller but it also weighs half of what the Precor machine does.

The Sunny Health stretch machine only weighs 30 pounds while the Precor weighs 60 pounds.

If you’re looking for a stretch machine similar to the Precor in design, but want something a lot smaller and more moveable, then the Sunny Health stretch machine is worth considering.

The second point is that the Sunny Health stretch machine also costs a fraction of the price of the Precor 240i.

This should appeal to anyone who finds the Precor 240i too expensive.

The only downside is that the construction quality of the Sunny Health stretch machine is lower than the Precor, but despite that, it’s still pretty effective in stretching out the body.

Stretches entire body
Compact and light
1-year warranty with purchase
The build isn’t as high quality as the Precor 240i

IRONMAN IFT 4000 Inversion Table

This stretching machine is quite different from the ones already mentioned, in that you have to strap yourself in so that you hang upside down.

This inversion table is designed to soothe aching back muscles as the carbon fibre heating element sends gentle heat to the area.

It may also help with fatigue, and increase your circulation. 

IRONMAN IFT 4000 Inversion Table has extra-long safety handles and ergonomically molded ankle holds to ensure your safety while allowing you to invert to a vertical position of 180 degrees.

Ironman has an easy-to-read LED display and a simple remote control.

The device does require some level of knowledge to assemble and users complained about the constant issues with the heating element.

Either way, the price is good and the product is a good pick for persons who prefer an inversion table over a stretcher.

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The inversion table can accommodate up to 350-pound weight capacity
Easy-to-read LED display
Incorporates infrared therapy for back pain
Issues with the heating element
Difficult to assemble

If you’re shopping on a budget, this cost-effective stretcher will do the trick.

Despite the price, it has many enviable features–providing 3 fitness levels with 10 sizing options to choose from. 

These include standing, seating and floor positions.

YouTube video

CoreStretch was originally developed for physical therapists to assist patients in stretching safely.

It is ideal for shoulder pain and back pain, enabling a deep lower back stretch while helping to elongate the back.

It is also effective in the ligaments, tendons and muscles that surround the core of the skeletal system.

Some persons had issues with the bars on their machine, but it’s an easy-to-use stretching device so if you suffer from arthritis, osteoporosis, sciatica, shoulder or lower back pain this will be a good selection.

Lightweight and collapsible for easy travel and storage
Offers seating, standing and floor positions
Bars might be defective
Not heavy duty

Lifespan SP1000 Stretch Partner Pro

This stretching machine is coated with a steel frame and has a cushioned seat and knee pad.

Unlike CoreStretch that only focuses on certain muscles, Lifespan is designed to stretch all the muscles in the body, including the hamstrings, biceps, shoulders, calves, quads and back.

YouTube video

This stretching machine can improve your posture and is ideal for persons of all ages.

It has an elongated base, with wheels for easy movement and a reinforced post to keep the device in place during use.

The best features of this stretcher are that it stretches every muscle in the body and has a padded seat for extra comfort.

So, if you don’t have a specific problem area and just need a complete body stretcher this is the one for you.

Stretches all the muscles in the body
Cushioned seat and knee pad
No information about the warranty

Motive Fitness TotalStretch TS100

This stretching machine from Motive Fitness not only offers a full-body stretch solution, but also comes in a space-efficient design.

It allows for both seated and standing stretches and has wheels integrated into the design for easy moving.

It is ideal for both home and semi-commercial use and comes with 8 illustrated exercises for first-time users.

YouTube video

The device does have wheels for easy storage, but might be more ideal for athletes, and persons with a home gym.

Potential buyers interested in the popular Precor stretching machine should consider the TotalStretch as a viable alternative.

Not only is it cheaper than the Precor, but it also has a 300lb weight capacity limit over the Precor’s 250lb limit.

Full-body stretching machine
Cheaper alternative to the Precor
Has wheels for easy storage
Other models available with more features (TS200 & TS150).
Although a lot cheaper than the Precor, it’s still on the expensive side compared to the simpler stretching tools

Stamina In-Line Back Stretch Bench

This back-stretching bench has padded upholstery for extra comfort, allowing you to safely decompress your spine.

It allows for gentle decompression thanks to the cranking lever and the ankle ensures that the device remains in place during use.

It can accommodate up to 250 pounds of weight and is designed to use traction therapy for the relief of hip, back and knee pain.

YouTube video

The machine doesn’t just work on your back, it also stretches and strengthens the ankles, knees, hips and shoulders.

Stamina has adjustable leg and arm support for preferred length and width.

Some buyers took issues with the crank, finding it uncomfortable to manoeuvre during use.

Another issue is the bench itself which many found too hard for comfort.

Despite the flaws, the stretching machine is an inexpensive device ideal for persons who suffer from constant backaches and pain.

Decompresses the spine
Height and length adjustment
The crank is located at an odd angle
The bench is hard despite the padding

AmazeFan Leg Stretcher

This stretcher is quite different from all the other tools on our list and it is also the cheapest.

While most of them look quite similar to an exercise machine or bench, this looks more like a camera stand than anything else.

This easy to use leg stretcher is ideal for improving your range of motion, flexibility and balance.

It boasts a scientific design, and comfortable, non-stick handles with foam covering.

Each pole on the device has 6 different holes to allow for a variety of height adjustment options.

Great for dancers, martial arts practitioners as well as Pilates and yoga enthusiast.

Buyers of the product were mostly dancers and professionals who specifically want to something that focuses on the legs, but they were not happy with the device not being able to deliver a 180-degree stretch.

Some also noted the inferior quality of the machine, but at this very inexpensive price, it’s a steal.

Easy to assemble and use
Cheap option suitable for martial arts, yoga and dancers
Not really much use if you don’t care about doing the splits
Does not allow for a 180-degree stretch
Material quality could be better

HoMedics Body Flex Back Stretching Mat

This massage mat is designed to offer full body stretch and flexibility by mimicking yoga styles while also delivering heat therapy.

The inflatable, precision-controlled air bladders in the fabric of the mat recreates an authentic yoga experience for ultimate relaxation and tension relief.

The Homedics back stretcher is equipped with 6 built-in stretching programs and 3 adjustable intensity options, allowing you to tailor the massage to suit your needs.

The mat is designed to help with pain and muscle tension and stiffness in the shoulders, neck, hips, waist and back.

The device comes with a remote control and the mat easily folds up for easy travel and storage.

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Includes 6 stretching programs
Heating system
Adjustable intensity levels
Must be of a certain height for the compression to conform properly to the right body areas

The Best Stretching Machine: Recommendations

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The Precor 240i Commercial Series StretchTrainer takes the spot for the top pick as a total body stretcher.

This stretching machine is great for commercial and personal use, and has knee pads, an ergonomically designed seat and padded handlebars to give you control over the intensity of the stretch.

It’s one of the most popular stretching machines and is used in many gyms all over the world.

However, with quality and proven results, it comes at a high price and may be out of many people’s price range.

If that’s the case then the Sunny Health & Fitness Stretch Machine may be a viable alternative as it stretches the same body parts but comes at a fraction of the price.

Best Machine for Split Leg Stretches

If you want a machine that works effectively on the legs, then the Amazefan leg stretcher is a decent selection to consider.

It’s designed to give you an effective leg stretch at a low price.

It is great for yogi enthusiasts, dancers, martial arts and persons who really want to focus on this area of the body.

However, you don’t have to be a pro to use this leg stretcher.

The machine is light, portable, easy to use and very cost-effective so if you’re on a budget this is a good pick.

Best Stretch Machine for Stretching the Back

If you suffer from back pain or strain and need something that focuses on that particular area, the Homedics back stretcher is a good selection to try.

It comes with several built-in yoga programs and even has a heating function to deeply penetrate the muscles.

The treatments available in the Homedics device was designed with bodily restoration in mind and there are 3 intensity levels to choose from.

It is lightweight and folds up easily so you can take it with you to work or during a vacation.

Final Tips

Stretching should be a consistent part of your daily routine no matter your age or fitness level.

Prolonged inactivity can cause muscle tightness and drastically reduce mobility in your muscles and joints.

Muscle tightness can also occur during and after exercise, which makes you more susceptible to muscle damage, cramps, strains and pain.

As we get older the muscles tend to become tighter, so it’s best to put this act into practice as soon as possible.

Full body stretching is extremely important for improving posture, improving flexibility and eliminating muscle pains and strains.

If you have specific problem areas it’s also important to ensure that those muscles are stretched daily to avoid pain or injury.

Stretching can also help persons suffering from conditions such as osteoporosis, arthritis, muscle aches and pains, and is necessary for persons of all ages.

If you can’t stretch on your own, a stretching machine is a great device to help you along the way.

For safety purposes and also to ensure that you get the most out of your stretching tool, always follow the instructions for use carefully. And remember, consistency is key!

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