sole e95 elliptical review

Sole E95 Elliptical Review

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The Sole E95 Elliptical is a solid elliptical for fitness enthusiasts who want the real thing at home.

While it’s not the most compact home elliptical, it gives you all the intensity and customization you need, and it’s ergonomically comfortable.

You’re paying more for getting all the high-tech bells and whistles with this trainer, which means the machine syncs with your fitness apps and stores its own data, so that multiple users in your home can store their progress over time and pick up where they left off on the machine.

That said, this state-of-the-art equipment can help you set and achieve fitness goals, and you can count on it to be safe and long-lasting.

Sole E95 Video Overview

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Key Features:

  • 20 incline levels via foot pedal adjustment
  • 20 resistance levels
  • 10 automatic workout programs
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Built-in speaker for audio
  • 400 lb weight capacity

SOLE E95 Review

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Let’s look at how this elliptical stacks up across a few different categories.

Price: 4/5

The Sole E95 comes in at the steep price of around $1,799.99.

The company handles shipping for you and includes all tools needed for assembly.

Considering this and the fact you get the first 5 years of warranty coverage on the machine free, the $1,800 plus sales tax is all you’ll need to pay, without hidden fees or extra costs.

While it’s a big investment, you’ll get long-term use out of the device.

We give it a 4 out of 5 for price because its high-tech features, coupled with the product’s quality mechanics and build, make it worth a high price.

While it’s justified for being over $1,000, we feel its cost is quite high relative to other ellipticals on the market with comparable features.

Considering home ellipticals generally range from $600 to $2,000, the Sole E95 is definitely on the expensive side.

For example, the Schwinn 470 home elliptical offers a lot of the same features as the Sole E95 but for half the price.

Reliability and Warranty: 5/5

The Sole E95 comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, a 5-year warranty on parts and electronics and a 2-year warranty on in-home labour.

The frame is made of heavy-duty steel and the device has a solid, sturdy construction.

Some of the issues users had with the older E35 model from Sole was fixed for the E95 model, making it even more reliable.

For example, the LCD display console was improved and 2 pounds of weight were added to the flywheel to make the ride even smoother.

The materials and mechanics that went into the construction of this machine point to its safety, which is why we give it a 5 out of 5 for reliability.

Stability and Quality: 5/5

The machine weighs 236 lbs and can hold up to 400 lbs of weight, which speaks lengths to its stability.

The assembly booklet wasn’t descriptive enough for some users, who turned to professional assembly as a solution for putting this device together.

However, the company gives you all the assembly tools you need along with the device.

Despite potential difficulties assembling the machine yourself, we give the Sole E95 a 5 out of 5 for stability and quality because of its heavy flywheel construction with magnetic resistance that creates smooth, fluid movement.

The flywheel on an elliptical controls how smooth it rides, and heavier flywheels create more efficient spinning, allowing the ride to be smooth and quiet.

The flywheel weights on most home ellipticals are around 15 to 20 pounds, but the flywheel on the Sole E95 is a whopping 27 pounds in weight.

This creates a smooth, natural feel like you get on quality ellipticals found at gyms.

Size and Comfort: 4/5

If you’re looking for a compact home elliptical that will save the most space, or for one you can move around and store away as needed, the Sole E95 isn’t the one.

While you can probably make space for it in your home, it’s 82 by 31 inches, or about 7 by 2 ½ feet.

Since it’s narrower than many trainers, it’s easier to put against a wall to save space.

Still, the device is made to stay put and doesn’t have a fold-up feature for saving floor space.

It does have wheels to help you roll it when you need to move it, but there’s no way to prevent it from taking up 7 feet in length.

The Sole E95 is built for ergonomic comfort and adjustability.

The foot pedals are cushioned and the arm bars have moulded grips for preventing hand and foot fatigue during use.

You can adjust the pedals to 20 different inclination levels, which changes the ergonomic shape of your exercise movement.

The oversized foot pedals are 15 inches long, allowing you to shift your feet around for the right feel.

The pedals have a slight inward slope to help reduce strain on your ankle and knee joints when using the forward elliptical motion.

One of the features this model has that you don’t see on many ellipticals is the built-in controls on the arm handles for changing your incline and resistance levels.

With the touch of a button, the resistance can be lowered or raised.

Or, the foot pedals can be tilted forward or back to adjust your incline. Making adjustments and customizing the workout is super easy and convenient.

There are 10 automatic workout programs built-in, which conveniently alter the foot pedals and resistance for you throughout the workout so that you don’t need to adjust anything.

Other features that make the Sole E95 more comfortable are the water bottle holder and built-in cooling fans.

With hydration at your fingertips and a way to help you cool down, you’re able to endure longer workouts at home.

Resistance: 5/5

We give the Sole E95 a 5 out of 5 for the range of resistance options it offers. With 20 resistance levels, there’s something for every skill level.

Being able to tilt your foot pedals to 20 different angles of inclination also adds to the variation in resistance this trainer offers, since each foot pedal angle creates a different elliptical footpath.

You can also adjust the stride length between 20 and 22 inches, which adds another layer of variability to the foot motion path.

While the E35 model from Sole costs you a little less than the E95, it has 15 instead of 20 intensity levels, and some unhappy customers said it was too weak at the highest intensity.

On the other hand, the Sole E95 seems to offer everyone a challenge.

By adjusting the foot pedals to an incline, you can change up the muscles in your legs that you target.

By increasing the incline, you recruit more of your glutes.

You can work out your quads without the incline for the first half of your workout, and then train your glutes for the second half.

Using a high resistance level and isolating different muscle groups, you’re able to maximize strength training while getting a cardio workout at the same time.

The typical stride length on ellipticals ranges from 12 to 21 inches.

The Sole E95 gives you a longer stride length you can adjust between 20 and 22 inches.

This makes it more challenging because it recruits more leg and hip muscles in order to create larger movements.

If you want to meet huge fitness goals at home, the Sole E95 is a great choice because you’ll never run out of ways to challenge yourself.

Noise: 4/5

The Sole E95 is designed to operate in near silence due to its magnetic resistance system, which is link-free and friction-free.

With only magnetism pulling against you, there’s no dragging or popping sound like in some ellipticals.

Though the machine has a solid design and build, some users have reported noises that develop after a few months of use.

The company provides troubleshooting instructions for how different noises can be fixed by tightening certain parts or applying lubrication.

Features: 5/5

The Sole E95 features a large 10-inch full-colour graphic screen with several high tech features.

In addition to the 10 automatic workout programs built-in, you can create your own automatic programs and save them to the device under your user profile.

The device allows 2 user profiles, where it saves custom programs and goal settings.

The heart rate monitoring features on this machine are top-notch.

You can grip the sensors, use or use the wireless chest strap it comes with to keep track of your pulse, which shows on the console’s digital display.

The data the device collects from your workouts can be synchronized in real-time via Bluetooth to mobile apps like iHealth and MyFitnessPal, which help you track progress and goals.

The built-in audio speaker also has Bluetooth connectivity, so you can pair it with your phone or tablet to play music or other media while you work out.

There’s a media shelf on the console to conveniently rest your tablet or phone, and a USB port for charging it.

Should You Buy the Sole E95?

While the Sole E95 Elliptical is a pricey home elliptical, its price is not so unjustified.

We feel its warranty and its features are both competitive.

With all the different footing angles and resistance levels to choose from, you get a versatile experience with one device at home.

Plus, being able to save data from 2 users and create custom workout programs is a solid feature only the high-end home ellipticals have.

We recommend buying the Sole E95 to help you meet your fitness goals at home.

Those who shouldn’t buy are those who need an elliptical or another trainer that has a shorter stride length.

While the resistance is adjustable, the vast 20 – 22-inch stride length can create too much of a challenge for some people.

Overall Elliptical Rating: 4.5/5

  • Well-built for stability and durability
  • Great warranty included
  • 27-lb flywheel makes the ride very smooth
  • Workouts are highly customizable
  • Expensive
  • Larger than many home ellipticals
  • Stride may be too long for some

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