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Tension in the muscles can result from bad posture, muscle strain, or even stress, and if not addressed quickly and efficiently it can lead to trigger points developing. 

I know, I have got a lot of them!

If you engage in frequent physical activity you may also experience muscle tension due to overuse or injury, which occurs when the muscle tissues contract but fail to release during a workout.

There are many natural alternatives to help loosen and relax muscles; massage, acupuncture, yoga and heat therapy, just to name a few.

But sometimes whatever you try there are some trigger points and tightness that you can never seem to get release from.

Enter the PSO-RITE – a versatile, full-body massage tool specifically designed to release tension and trigger points in hard-to-reach places such as the hip flexors, lower back, neck, hamstrings, groin, shoulders etc.  

PSO RITE review 3
The Test Model PSO-RITE

You may have heard about PSO RITE, but might still be in limbo regarding whether or not it’s the best self-massager for you.

Fortunately, my aim today is to divulge everything you need to know about the PSO-RITE, to help you decide if this gadget is worth your time and money.

Not only that, but I’ll take it for a test drive to see if it really works, or whether it is just an overhyped piece of plastic.

What is the PSO-RITE?

YouTube video

The PSO-RITE is a manual full body massage tool to help release tightness in the body.

The unique, patented design of this PSO-RITE mimics the hand and the elbow of a masseuse, creating the effect of a deep tissue massage.

It is so named because it targets the PSOAS (pronounced SO-AS) muscles, which are the most vital muscles in your body, not just for your physical health, but also for your psychological well-being.

PSO RITE review1

The PSO-RITE was created to reach and massage the PSOAS muscle to ensure it stays healthy and functional.

Joe Rogan has spoken about PSO-RITE on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience on several occasions. Other guests on the show have also noted the beneficial effects of this small tool.

The lightweight device is available in a variety and colours, and there is also a PSO-MINI which you can take with you anywhere.  

How does the PSO-RITE work?

YouTube video

The PSO-RITE presses deeper into your hard-to-reach areas than any other massager on the market.

As discussed above, it is primarily marketed to work on the PSOAS muscle however it can be used all over the body – targeting the neck, thighs, inner groin, glutes, shoulders, hamstrings, calves, lower, middle and upper back, rotator cuff, and chest.

If you want to exclusively target the PSOAS, you’ll need to place the device on a flat surface then lie face down with your elbows flat on the floor.

Move your body around so that the device is pressing into the sore or tight area while slowly breathing in and out. Remain like this for 30-60 seconds before changing position.

PSO-RITE can be used in several different ways depending on the area you want to target.

There are lots of instructional videos and images provided by the company showing how the device can target each area.

PSO-RITE Review: Contents & First Impression

Now that we’re done with the specs let’s get down to unboxing the PSO-RITE.

PSO RITE review 1

When you first receive your PSO-RITE there’s nothing overly special about it that stands out.

It comes wrapped up in clear plastic with a disclaimer on it, alongside one sheet of card with images of the different areas of the body the PSO-RITE can be used on.

It doesn’t come with any box except the box it is delivered in. The first impression of the whole package of the PSO-RITE is… basic. It’s as basic and bare-bones as you can get.

When analysing the actual PSO-RITE itself it doesn’t get any more exciting than what you see in the sales pictures.

It is simply one piece of large moulded plastic.

But what it looks like doesn’t matter as long as it works, but does it?

PSO-RITE: Trying it Out for the First Time

PSO RITE review 4
The PSO-RITE comes in a variety of colours

Whenever I try out a myofascial release tool I have set areas of my body I always try them out on first.

These are my trouble areas which are the adductors/inner thigh area, and my calves. Also certain areas along my back especially the muscles along my spine (Erector Spinae).

All these areas are noticeably fleshy areas where many massage tools such as foam rollers and massage balls don’t seem to work for me.

On the other hand, I was pleasantly surprised with the PSO-RITE.

The PSO-RITE is the only manual tool I have used so far, that can penetrate to the deepest parts of these fleshy areas and allow me to apply a lot of pressure.

At first, I was using the PSO-RITE in one direction, however, when I started getting a little more inventive (spinning it 90 degrees) with it I realised just how versatile it really is.

When using the PSO-RITE on my calves it was the first time I had a tool that could dig in deep and allow me to use my own body weight to control the pressure.

I’ve tried muscle stick rollers, foam rollers, trigger point sticks and massage balls but they didn’t work.

This was the same for my adductors.

In the past, I used to place a Beastie ball on top of a yoga block to get more height to dig into my adductors but the PSO-RITE made it so much easier and effective.

Plus the PSO-RITE didn’t topple over all the time!

adductor release beastie ball
My setup before the PSO-RITE. A beastie ball on top of a yoga block

To sum up the PSO-RITE worked on all the areas I previously had trouble with.

Where the PSO-RITE really won me over with how effective it was in releasing trigger points on my back.

In the past, I have tried numerous massage canes but the problem with those types of massagers is that I could not get the pressure I needed without risking the cane snapping.

The PSO-RITE could reach deep enough into my muscles and I was able to put full pressure on it knowing that it will not break.

So far the PSO-RITE is the most effective trigger point release tool I have used on my back.

I have gotten so attached to it that I have become more creative in how I use it on my back.

I oftentimes put it on the back of my work chair and lean my back into it, and sometimes I’ll use it up against a wall.

The PSO-RITE and the PSOAS

The PSO-RITE is called the PSO-RITE for a reason, it is primarily designed to be used on the PSOAS. So does it work in that area?

Yes, it does.

But don’t expect some perfect formula where you simply lie down on it and it will perfectly release the PSOAS.

The PSO-RITE comes in one size, and many people are not of the same size, so it is unlikely that the PSO-RITE will fit perfectly for you.

What I did to get it to work on the PSOAS, was to focus on one side of the PSOAS at a time and use the unused prong merely for balance.

If you use the proper technique and maintain your patience over time, then the PSO-RITE is able to release the PSOAS.

The Important Question: Is the PSO RITE Overpriced?

The biggest complaint you’ll see from most other users about the PSO-RITE is its price.

Users may feel peeved at the price given that it is just a piece of plastic at the end of the day.

When I first saw it and took it out of the box I felt the same. You may even feel a slight hint of rage that it costs so much.

But looks are deceiving and if you have spent any amount of time trying to release hard to reach trigger points in the past, you’ll recognise quite quickly that this is a good tool and more than just a piece of plastic.

First of all, the PSO-RITE is designed in such a way that it doesn’t seem to wobble while still being light in weight. It also grips firmly onto most surfaces.

PSO RITE review 2
The PSO-RITE is sturdy and doesn’t wobble

Even if you tend to use one prong more than the other, the other side doesn’t lift up and topple over.

It stays put even when you are manoeuvring your body over it.

The plastic is also very smooth. Smooth enough that you can have confidence that you move your skin over it without getting cut or scratched.

The shape of the prongs are the right shape and height off the ground to dig into most of the toughest and hard-to-reach areas of the body.

If you are like me and have always known that you have trigger points in an area that has been inaccessible to other tools, then you’ll instantly get a lot of value from the PSO-RITE.

PSO RITE review 5

But aren’t there other things you can find around the house that is shaped like the PSO-RITE? Why not use that and save yourself some money?

Well, I’m sure you can find something in your house that partially does the trick like a Kettlebell handle, but why not spend the money and get a tool specially designed for the job?

You also cut out the hassle and potential dangers of injuring yourself using something not designed for releasing trigger points.

Is the PSO-RITE overpriced?

Even though it did do the job for me, I can’t help but feel like the manufacturer is making many times over what it costs to produce one PSO-RITE.

I personally think a much fairer price would be around $19.99, which is way lower than what it costs at the time of writing (currently $79.99).

Over time I imagine that the cost will come down because competitors will start flooding the market with cheaper alternatives.

For now, the PSO-RITE brand can get away with charging high prices.

Keep an eye out for competitor products to flood the market and for the PSO-RITE price to drop as a result.

What Do Others Say About the PSO-RITE?

PSO RITE review 4

From reading the reviews, you could see that users found this massager quite efficient in releasing small trigger points such as the biceps and levator scapulae.

They also noted that it offered relief for muscle knots, back pain and tension and worked well for maintaining recovery.

Furthermore, customers expressed appreciation for the instructional images and videos provided by the company, showing how the device should be used on different areas of the body.

A big concern among many users is this massager takes a one-size-fits-all approach, and although it does offer a mini version, that is more for portability than anything else.

More sizes are needed to accommodate persons of different statures since persons with smaller hips noted that the product was too wide, which made it awkward to use.

But as I said earlier, you can alleviate this problem by doing one side of your hips at a time.

The price was another con for buyers (as discussed in the previous section) who observed that the item is made from plastic.

Furthermore, it doesn’t boast any fancy features like other massagers with lots of different modes, vibration features and even heating functions at a similar price point.

I noticed that different types of people found this effective, including some older folks who battle with constant aches and pain.

Athletes and persons who actively engage in sports and recreational activities found this quite helpful for releasing tense muscles as well.

Conclusion: Should you Buy the PSO-RITE?

PSO RITE review 3

There are many traditional massage tools at your disposal, ranging in price and varying in features.

There are massage pillows, canes, balls and rollers, just to name a few. So, there is certainly not a shortage of options for you to select from.

Your decision will depend on several factors including your budget and what you are personally looking for in a massager.

Do you have one problematic spot, or several areas of the body that is often affected?

If you have tried other myofascial release tools and they didn’t do much for you, then this is worth the investment.

Remember that it doesn’t just target one area on the body, but targets different trigger points and body parts.

Plus, it is specifically designed to address issues with the PSOAS muscles.

However, I feel the PSO-RITE isn’t suitable for everyone.

If you are new to myofascial release and have never used any kind of tool before I would not recommend it.

You want to have at least plateaued with a foam roller or a massage ball before trying it as you may find it too intense.

It also requires some flexibility, mobility and strength to hold and manoeuvre your body into correct positions when using the PSO-RITE.

If you are using it specifically for PSOAS release then the PSO-RITE should work, but like I said before you will need to perfect your own technique and be patient.

The people who will get the most value out of the PSO-RITE are people who have pesky trigger points around their body that they have never been able to release.

Overall, I am very pleased with the PSO-RITE and predict I will have a long future ahead with it as I discover and release many trigger points in areas that other tools couldn’t reach.

PSO-RITE might be expensive based on its simplistic design, but it does the job that most other tools can’t.

If this tool is used correctly and consistently, it can certainly prove to be a decent purchase.

The only big issue right now is that it is priced far higher than it really should.

  • Sturdy and strong
  • Can dig deep into muscles
  • Worth while trying if you have plateaued with other massage tools
  • Overpriced
  • Maybe too intense for beginners

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