11 Signs That Show You’re a Mentally Strong Person

In today’s world, people are constantly torn apart by stress and a large amount of work. If we do not manage our lives properly, we can succumb to fatigue.

Many think that fatigue can be overcome only through healthy eating and proper sleep. While that is true to some extent, continuous mental exhaustion will take a toll on your body if you do not manage yourself. Thus, while it is important to take care of your body, the mind needs our attention too.

Those who have successfully mastered the control of their minds have no problem in handling their lives smoothly. They experience less stress because they have learnt to be mentally strong and not let certain things affect them.

Thus, it is very important to be mentally strong.

The following are checks to see if you are mentally strong.

1. You can differentiate between emotional abuse and being helpful

When living in a society, mingling and helping others is unavoidable, unless you spend days locked up at home. You find it important to show sympathy and help people in need, however you know when a person is trying to use you. You can tell when a relationship is getting too emotionally exhausting for you and handle the matter. You refuse to stay naïve and let other people step all over you.

2. You know how to say no and are firm

When a person asks for a favor that seems incredibly unrealistic for you, you say no. It may seem rude and way too upfront, but this is the umpteenth time a friend or co-worker is asking for a favour. This may seem like you’re being unhelpful but it’s not like you’ve not helped them out numerous times before. You are serious and mean every word when you tell him/her that you are willing to help them but will not be their lapdog. This small act of saying no will help you later on in life to filter out people who add stress.

3. You ask/give constructive criticism

While you may seem firm and on track per say, you realize that you have a lot of areas you can work and improve on. Thus, you appreciate when people give you feedback on your work and give tips to make your work better. Similarly, when you see an area another colleague or friend needs to work on, you converse with them and give them constructive criticism so that they can improve just like you.

4. You don’t keep expectations

You realize that while you’d absolutely love a surprise birthday party from your friends, it’s unlikely. Not keeping high expectations ensures that whatever happens does not disappoint you. Not keeping expectations also helps you embrace and enjoy the smaller things in life, as they tend to come up at the most unexpected of moments.

5. You are willing to try new things

Your comfort zone might be a safe place to be in, but you know that no growth is going to take place inside that bubble. You love being adventurous and spontaneity and aren’t afraid to mix up your routine. You value new experiences and knowledge and try to make the most of every adventure.

6. You stick to your priorities

When a friend asks you to join them for a party the weekend the day before your job interview, you politely decline and focus on getting rested. While a party is pretty alluring, you know spoiling an important interview is not worth it. These small decisions that you make everyday help you focus on the larger picture of life than the gory details. Sticking to your priorities is what matters to you.

7. You focus on the brighter side

Things don’t always go the way they were supposed to be, be it among friends, family, work, or politics. You don’t let it dishearten you. Instead, you try to find the good side of such situations and keep yourself and people around you motivated. Similarly if the situation at hand is something you cannot control, you stop worrying about it and focus on what can be made better and work for it. Your optimism is contagious and that is what your friends like about you.

8. You enjoy solitude

In a world linked together 24/7 by social media, you like taking your time off sometimes. Staying alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely, but want to work on making yourself a better person. You spend your time reading a book or doing an activity you enjoy. This alone time that you get is important for you to rewire and reflect on things happening around you and with you. You also take this time to build on your character and restate priorities.

9. You know how to deal with your emotions

Emotions can be a hassle. However, you understand that being in tune with your body and mind, emotions become an advantage. While many in current day society believe in hiding emotions, you don’t. They are what they are, and you are not shy when it comes to expressing emotions and thoughts. In fact, you highly respect and admire people who are upfront about what is going on in their minds.

10. You stay active

While being relaxed is perhaps one of your significant traits, you love building up a good sweat. Working out or sweating produces endorphins which are hormones that make you feel good. Whenever you feel overwhelmed or underworked, you step outside and maybe go for a walk and get some fresh air. This also acts as a change from monotonous working and living indoors.

11. You love yourself

The most important sign of a mentally strong person however, is the ability to accept and love themselves for whom they are, inside out. You understand yourself better than anyone else can and are independent of other beings. You do not need other people to rely on for survival though you enjoy having friends. Lastly, you firmly believe that you can only spread and create love when you truly know how to love yourself first.


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