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Keiser M3 Indoor Bike Review

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The Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle represents another durable and high-quality bike from fitness manufacturer Keiser.

If you’ve been browsing the Keiser M3 online the first thing you’ll notice is its extremely high price of nearly $2,000.

Even at this price, the M3 has still sold over a quarter of a million bikes across the world as the ride experience, reliability and quality of the bike have proven to be a solid investment for users.

Known for its quality construction and reliability, the Keiser M3 has fast become one of the most popular bikes amongst indoor bike enthusiasts despite its high price.

If you’re a serious indoor bike enthusiast who wants a machine that you can push all the way and not have any doubts about maxing out its capabilities then the Keiser M3 is well worth taking a closer look.

You’ll find like many other owners, that the high price of the Keiser M3 is warranted.

Video: Keiser M3 Unboxing and Setup

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Key Features

  • Rust-resistant design includes stainless steel hardware and rear flywheel
  • V-shape frame and handlebar combo
  • Quiet, low maintenance magnetic-resistance belt-drive system
  • Lightweight and superior ease of transport
  • Four-way adjustable seat

Keiser M3 Indoor Bike Review

In this section, we’ll review the Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle and rate it according to various factors we feel are important when choosing an indoor bike.

Price: 4/5

The Keiser M3 is an expensive bike. At around $2000 online, it is one of the most expensive home bikes you’re going to come across and at least double the price of bikes that are considered top of the range.

However, every part of the Keiser M3 is built to last and when you put down your hard-earned money for this bike you know you have a bike that will last you a lifetime.

Reliability & Warranty: 5/5

As we’ve already said this bike isn’t cheap, so for nearly $2,000 you’d be hoping you’ll be getting something that is going to be reliable. Luckily the Keiser M3 is.

If you read reviews for cheaper bikes you’ll always come across a couple of reviews that complain that the bike stopped working after a certain amount of use or that the flywheel started clicking.

This isn’t so with the Keiser M3. It is a very reliable machine and you shouldn’t come across any problems down the line.

Keiser M3 review

Stability and Quality: 4.5/5

The Keiser M3 has a quality build and you’ll notice it from the first time you sit down to use it. Not only is it well built, but it’s also great to look at and very sleek.

All parts of the Keiser M3 is built with durability in mind and we can’t find any faults in this area. The frame is even made of corrosive resistant materials.

When riding the Keiser M3 it is sturdy enough, however, at higher resistances a user on Amazon has reported that if you’re going all out on it the bike can sway a little bit.

Another point worth mentioning is that in some older models of the M3, both seat and handlebars are adjusted by tightening knobs that hold them in place rather than having pins to secure the seat and handlebars like most other bikes.

You must ensure that these are well tightened when using the bike as they are susceptible to dropping during riding if not tightened firmly enough.

However, Keiser has now addressed this issue and several years ago moved from the friction-based lock on the seat and handlebar post to a positive lock that engages pre-drilled holes in the posts.

You now unscrew the adjustment knob which loosens a pin-and-plunger that fits into the posts this makes the Keiser M3 much more stable, with seat post slipping no longer a possibility.

Comfortability & Set-Up: 3.5/5

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When you first see the Keiser M3 it does look a bit odd. Rather than having the flywheel positioned in front like most bikes, it’s positioned at the back leaving the handlebars stretched out far in front.

And this is where some bike riders have a problem with the Keiser M3.

It seems that if you want to raise up the handlebars, you also have to accept that the handlebars will move away further in front due to the 45-degree angle of the rod that holds the handlebars.

In other words, the handlebars move out as you raise them.

This is likely to leave some users who need to raise the handlebars having to curve their back over in order to reach them, which can put unnecessary strain on the back.

This problem is likely to occur for shorter users, however, there is a reviewer who is 5’9 ft who has complained about this.

The fact that the handlebars move forward as they move up seems to be the deciding factor whether people love the Keiser M3 or not.

Most people do not have an issue with this but if you are concerned it’s well worth trying this bike out in store before purchasing online.

Other than that the seat is of high quality and comfortable to sit on, whilst the handlebars are padded well and comfortable to grip.

However, the Keiser M3i model does have a horizontal handlebar adjustment in case you want to completely avoid the handlebar problem.

Meaning you can adjust the bars if they are too close to you, or too far away from you. This is the main difference between the Keiser M3 and M3i models.

Resistance: 4.5/5

The Keiser M3 uses magnetic resistance and is incredibly smooth and also easy to change.

Noise: 5/5

The Keiser M3 is dead silent. Even riding at higher speeds will hardly generate any noise.

If you do happen to use the Keiser M3 whilst watching a tv or movie, you’ll have no problem hearing your television set whilst using this machine.

Furthermore, the Keiser M3 is so quiet that it’s safe to say that you can use it without disturbing or annoying other people in your home.

Size: 4.5/5

The Keiser M3 is much smaller than most bikes on the market and also a lot less bulky, yet doesn’t compromise on quality.

Due to it’s smaller footprint it isn’t as much of an eyesore compared to other chunkier bikes.

An added perk is that it has small wheels in the front you can use to transport the machine around.

Features: 3/5

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The Keiser M3 comes with a battery-powered console that measures RPM, power output in watts, kilocalorie expenditure, trip time, gear (resistance), and trip distance, which is more than enough readings to keep most fitness junkies happy.

In addition, a big plus is that the Keiser M3 can measure your heart rate without you having to hold onto any handlebars or sensors as it can be connected via a polar heart strap.

Keiser M3 lcd console
The Keiser M3 Battery powered LCD console

As of 2011 all Keiser models now come with a backlit LCD console for easy reading.

This may be a big deal for some bike riders (and myself) but there isn’t a cage to hold a water bottle, so the Keiser M3 doesn’t make it overly convenient for you to grab a quick drink of water whilst you’re on it.

However, the frame cover on all cycles has a concave section directly in the centre designed to support most water bottle sizes.

Should You Buy The Keiser M3?

Whether or not you buy the Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle comes down to a rather obvious factor and that’s money.

If you want a bike that you know you can rely on well into the future and never have to worry about it breaking down at some point no matter how hard you push it, then this bike is very well suited for you.

Anyone who is a bike enthusiast and places a great deal of priority on maintaining a high level of fitness and intensity in their workouts will not be disappointed with the Keiser M3.

As the saying goes ‘you get what you pay for,’ and the Keiser M3 is an extremely high-quality bike.

As soon as you get on it you will understand why it is one of the most expensive and sought after home bikes on the market.

My last recommendation is that as mentioned in the ‘comfortability’ section, it may be worth upgrading to the M3i model, simply for the horizontal handlebar adjustment feature.

However, if you have tested the M3 and know for sure that it is comfortable for you, then go with the M3 model.

Overall Bike Rating: 4.5/5

  • Reliable
  • High quality
  • Will last a lifetime
  • Extremely quiet
  • Good customer service
  • The upfront cost is high
  • Requires a torque wrench to assemble
  • Limited adjustment settings on handlebars leaving some people uncomfortable (mostly shorter people)
  • No water bottle cage

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