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how to self massage face
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Massaging my own face has never been a priority for me.

In fact, I have never in my life ever massaged my own face.

However, recently I have been noticing that I tend to involuntarily clench my jaw throughout the day.

It seems I never allow my jaw to rest and hang naturally at the hinges, and worse of all I realise I have been doing this for years.

It was this that led me to do a bit of research into face massaging.

Massaging your face has many benefits.

It can help with a tight jaw, clenching your teeth at night, headaches, dizziness, reduce stress and anxiety, and leaves you feeling great afterwards.

I’ve listed three videos that I have found useful, and by doing them all, will give you a complete face massage.

1. Ear, Face and Scalp Massage

This massage gives a good massage that targets ears, jaws and the scalp.

This is one you’d want to do if you want to give your face and head muscles a bit of a pickup.

YouTube video
  1. Rub your hands to generate heat, put your fingers in a ‘V’ and rub up and down the side of your face with your fingers either side of the ears.
  2. Lightly pinch the outside of your ears and move around all the way down and towards the earlobes. Next start massaging inside the ear area moving your fingers in small circles.
  3. Next massage outside around the ears, moving your fingers in small little circles.
  4. Circle around the jaw area then slowly drag your fingers down and relax the jaw.
  5. Put your fingers under the cheekbones then push up lightly and hold. From there drag your fingers downwards.
  6. Massage under your chin by lightly rubbing with your thumbs.
  7. Next step is to rub the temples in a circular motion and slowly move over the ear area.
  8. Massage your scalp using your fingers and move around your scalp. If you have enough hair, you can pull your hair in different directions.

2. Jaw Massage for Tight Jaws

This massage is particularly good for anyone with tight jaws who want to loosen them up a bit.

It also helps release the jaws by targeting the fascia and trigger points.

YouTube video
  1. The first step is to remove the fascia around the joints. Use two fingers and place then at the bottom of the jaw bone. Slowly glide up, over the temples towards the hairline. Repeat this 3 to 4 times to warm up the area.
  2. Next is trigger point therapy. Find the Masseter muscle near the bottom jaw bone, if you’ve found it you should feel the muscle pop up when you clench your jaw. Using your fingers apply a bit of pressure, it may be a bit tender but hold it in place until the pain subsides, then move onto the next area moving upwards.
  3. The next step is to activate the muscles by going over the same areas, holding them down with your fingers except this time opening and closing your jaw a few times on each spot.

3. Face Massage to Remove Toxins

Your face picks up and stores a lot of toxins, this face massage removes them whilst relaxing your face.

You will need some oil for this one.

YouTube video
  1.  Start with a minimal amount of oil in your hands (you can always apply more later if needed)
  2. Start spreading the oil around your face to spread it out evenly.
  3. Warm up the muscles by moving your hands in an upwards and outwards motion with your hands
  4. The next step is to detoxify the glands, which is important because all the toxins in your face drain to these areas (typically to the back of your ears and down your neck). Start rubbing the underneath of your jaw area until you feel some heat. The heat is a sign that the node has unlocked.
  5. Then starting from the bottom of your chin, run your hand towards your ear and then down your neck to open the lymph path.
  6. Next, we begin to massage the muscles by starting at the chin and moving up towards the top of the forehead. Massage your face using little circles.
  7. The next step is an eye-draining massage. This helps reduce puffiness and drain toxins. Move your fingers around your eyes, in a circular motion over the ridge of the eyebrows and then underneath the eyes towards the nose.
  8. Next, you want to stimulate the secretion onto the eyes. Lightly pinch the eyebrow area and then release. Finish off with a few more circles.
  9. Next massage the frown line by using two fingers on each hand and twisting it gently.
  10. Begin to massage your forehead by running your fingers up and down using both hands, move across your forehead.
  11. Complete the massage by rubbing your face as needed.


Using all three of the methods, I’ve found them to help me relax my face so it doesn’t feel so tense and stiff.

I don’t do all three every day, but use them as needed.

However, since I do tend to clench my jaw the most, I find myself doing the jaw release technique more frequently than the others.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this post and found it useful, and most of all, that you have learnt to give your own face the care it deserves!

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