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Horizon T101 Treadmill Review

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If you’re looking for a treadmill under $1,000, the Horizon Fitness T101 is a treadmill you’ll want to take a closer look at.

Rated a ‘Value Buy’ by the Good Housekeeping Institute, the T101 is a treadmill that is quick to set up, easy to use and built to a good standard.

While it’s not a top of the range treadmill, its price and many features may make it worth your time.

The Horizon Fitness T101

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Key Features

  • Variable response cushioning to create the right mix of shock absorption
  • 2.25 continuous duty motor keeps it quiet when walking or jogging
  • Easy folding feature to save space when storing
  • More than 30 program options including distance, calorie and interval workouts.

The Horizon Fitness T101 Review

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We will now rate the Horizon Fitness T101 according to criteria that is important when selecting a quality treadmill.

Stability and Quality: 4.5/5

The build quality on the Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill is definitely one of its strong points.

The unit is solid, stable and shouldn’t wobble when using it, even at the top speed of 10 MPH.

You won’t have any issues with a wobbly frame despite this being a machine that is foldable.

Power & Noise: 3.5/5

The Horizon Fitness T101 comes with a 2.25 continuous duty CHP motor which is more than suitable for walking and jogging.

But for those who want to run a lot and require a treadmill that you can push for long periods at high speeds, then you may want to consider getting a treadmill with a more powerful motor.

Such individuals may be better off looking at a machine with at least 2.5 – 3.0 horsepower.

On the other hand, if you’re going to be doing walking, jogging and light running only, then this treadmill will work just fine.

Beginners and intermediates will find this treadmill more than satisfactory.

Horizon Fitness has placed a lot of emphasis on balancing power with silence when building the motor for the T101. 

Whilst it is certainly a quiet treadmill, it will give off some noise. The trick is to keep it well lubed and it should remain reasonably quiet.

Size: 4.5/5

The belt area is 20 x 55 inches which is suitable for all types of use such as walking, jogging and running without having to focus too much on where you are placing your feet.

While the size should be adequate for most runners, tall runners may require something bigger.

The unit itself isn’t too big compared to many of the larger treadmills, and once assembled will take up a space of 70 x 33.5 x 55 when in its upright position.

It is foldable so it can be collapsed to save space when not in use.

Reliability & Warranty: 3.5/5

Generally, the T101 is reliable and with moderate use and proper care it should last.

But like most treadmills, there can be problems with the reliability of the machine over the long run.

The reviews on Amazon are mixed on its long-term reliability, however, it’s not known whether adequate care was taken by the customers who have reported issues in this area.

To avoid any potential problems down the line it’s important to keep this model well lubed and apply lubricant often.

It could also be debated, as discussed before, whether the motor of this model can survive consistent high intensity running over the years.

As we said earlier, if you’re someone who is looking to run many miles on a machine at high speeds, then it may be better for you to look at a more powerful treadmill.

That being said the treadmill does have a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor.

In addition, there is a two-year warranty on the treadmill parts, and also 1 year of labour.

horizon fitness t101 04 panel
T101 has speakers and an inbuilt fan.

Features: 4/5

The T101 has plenty of features, most notably you can connect your own mp3 device and play your music through the speakers on the treadmill panel.

This is especially useful for users who prefer not to use wired headphones.

The other standout feature is the built-in fan that can help keep you cool during workouts.

Although it’s unlikely that these features will be deal-breakers for potential buyers, it’s important to remember that these features are in addition to its standard core features:

  • Foldability
  • Can handle speeds of up to 10 MPH
  • More than 30 program options
  • Can incline up to 10%
  • Large running belt
variable response cushioning

When buying a treadmill a shock absorption system is vital as an inadequate system can cause injuries to the knees.

The T101 has a ‘Variable Response Cushioning’ where the cushioning is softer near the top to take the initial impact, yet firmer near the back to allow a decent push off with the feet.

Price: 4.5/5

The price is the main attraction of the Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill. At well below $1,000 you are getting many features of the top quality treadmills yet are only paying a mid-level price.

This is highlighted by the fact that this treadmill often pops up in the ‘best value buy’ sections on comparison websites.

The Horizon Fitness T101 is one of the better models of treadmills to consider in this price range.

Should You Buy The Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill?

If you are a high-level runner who requires a lot of miles and high speeds out of your treadmill on a consistent basis, then it could be argued that this model won’t satisfy your needs.

Although it is capable of allowing running on it via its 2.25 continuous motor, a high-level running fanatic may want a treadmill with a larger deck and more powerful motor.

That being said, if you’re looking for a mid-level treadmill that is of decent quality, and can provide walking and jogging workouts, then this treadmill is more than capable of doing that.

In addition, for the relatively low price, there are a lot of additional features packed in such as the heart rate monitor, MP3 compatibility and built-in fan.

Overall the Horizon Fitness T101 treadmill is a viable option for a beginner or intermediate treadmill user looking to get value for their money yet not compromise on quality.

It is a level up from a budget machine, and the extra quality you get for a couple hundred more is well worth the upgrade.

The T101 doesn’t quite match the power of the machines that cost over $1,000, however, if you don’t need the extra power then this machine is an extremely good investment you won’t want to miss.

Overall Treadmill Rating: 4/5

  • Easy to set up
  • Large belt area suitable for jogging
  • Foldable to save space
  • Includes speakers and a built-in fan
  • Lifetime warranty on frame and motor
  • May struggle to satisfy hardcore runners
  • Reported potential breakdowns after extended use
  • Needs constant lubrication
  • Reported broken pieces on delivery

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