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Gazelle Freestyle Glider Review

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The Gazelle Freestyle is a much different looking elliptical than you’re probably used to looking at.

Consisting of a couple of steel frames it’s not much to look at, however, its lack of aesthetics is made up by its ease of use, quality build and reliability.

What’s more that at under $200 it represents one of the best value buys for a piece of cardio equipment around.

The Gazelle Freestyle provides a smooth workout, that will burn calories, tone muscles whilst putting very little pressure on your joints and is perfect for fitness newbies looking to get into shape.

The Gazelle Glider

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Key Features

  • Tracks calories burned, distance, time, speed and pulse rate
  • Includes 2 workout DVDs
  • 10 exercises in one calorie-burning workout
  • Max user weight of 300 pounds
  • Water bottle holder

Gazelle Glider Review

We will now review the Gazelle Freestyle model and rate it according to important criteria.

Price: 4.5/5

The Gazelle Freestyle costs just under $200 and is one of the cheapest ellipticals on the market.

Taking into account its reliability, quality build and the fact that it ‘just works’ exactly the way it’s supposed to the $200 represents an investment that will most likely last a lifetime.

Contrast this with an Exerpeutic Aero Air Trainer which is under $100 and isn’t reliable at all, the Gazelle Freestyle is priced very fairly.

Reliability & Warranty: 4.5/5

The Gazelle Freestyle scores 4.5/5 in this section because it’s a very reliable machine.

The fact that it’s so simple and at its core, just a bunch of sturdy bars held together, there’s not much that can go wrong.

It doesn’t have hundreds of bells and whistles nor does it require external power and its console is simple too, meaning that it should last you well into the future.

Should you need to use the warranty it is valid for 12 months after purchase.

Stability and Quality: 4.5/5

The latest model of the Gazelle Freestyle has increased its maximum user weight so it can handle up to 300 pounds resulting in a more robust and studier Gazelle than in previous years.

The Gazelle Freestyle is well designed and doesn’t have too many parts to it.

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Since it is mostly comprised of solid steel frames, it can be much sturdier than many of its competitors.

Regarding assembly, it is fairly easy. Watch the video above to see the instructions.

Resistance: 1.5/5

The one big difference between this and any other elliptical on the market is that there are no tension controls to control resistance levels.

There is only one resistance level and it requires very little effort to work out on, and because of this, it’s going to be difficult to get a high-intensity workout.

The only way to control the intensity of the workouts is how fast you move your legs and arms, and at what incline you move at.

If you want a model of the Gazelle that offers another level of resistance then the Gazelle Supreme may be more to your liking.

This is not to say that you can’t work up a sweat on this machine, you certainly can, but if you’re already a fit person who trains every day then you may want a machine that offers some type of resistance level controls.

Nonetheless, the low level means the Gazelle Freestyle is perfect for those looking to get started working out at home.

Size: 4/5

One of the big advantages of the Gazelle Freestyle is its ability to fold into an almost flat position, had it not been for the curved handlebars it would have been able to achieve this.

The compact nature gives you the option of putting the machine away just in case you have a dinner party or have some guests coming around, which is something a lot of other ellipticals cannot do.

That being said because this is such a simple elliptical consisting of only a steel frame, it has to be quite heavy to accommodate its maximum user weight of 300 pounds and give the unit stability.

This means it’s not a machine that you’re likely to be packing away after every workout as it’s not that easy to manoeuvre.

However, for one-off storage occasions, it works fine.

Noise: 3/5

If there is a common complaint about the Gazelle Freestyle it revolves around the noise that the machine makes after a few weeks which has been described as ‘loud annoying squeaks’.

Whilst this problem may not occur immediately, it seems to be a problem that will affect most users at some point.

Users report that you need to keep the axels well lubed with a lubricant such as WD-40 and that you will have to do this periodically to avoid the noise coming back.

However, If the Gazelle Freestyle is working properly then it is a quiet machine and can be easily used whilst watching TV.

Features: 2.5/5

The Gazelle Freestyle offers the basic tracking features on its console such as speed, distance, time and calories burned.

It also has the nice added touch of being able to track heart rate.

There are complaints like a lot of machines, that the calorie and heart rate monitoring tracking isn’t accurate on the Gazelle Freestyle.

However, I don’t personally feel that the product is aimed at those types of users who would demand an accurate state-of-the-art heart rate and calorie tracking device.

If you do wish to track your heart rate accurately it would be better to buy a third-party device.

Of course, it would be nice if the calorie tracking and heart rate monitoring were up to scratch, but most users of the Gazelle Freestyle will be happy with its ability to track time and speed.

And lastly, the Gazelle Freestyle has a built-in water bottle holder, perfect for staying hydrated during workouts.

Should You Buy the Gazelle Freestyle?

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ir?t=skyflo06 20&l=li3&o=1&a=B00CWHWY8AI feel the Gazelle Freestyle is most suited for people with a generally low level of fitness who want to make improvements but aren’t overly concerned with reaching high levels of cardiovascular fitness.

The fact that there aren’t different levels of resistance means someone who wants to get incredibly fit will want to look at other more expensive and challenging ellipticals.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get fit on the Gazelle Freestyle.

You can lose a lot of weight and tone up your upper and lower body.

People who have lived a mostly sedentary lifestyle will find that they can achieve great results on the Gazelle Freestyle.

Not only is the Gazelle Freestyle great for fitness newbies, but its smooth movements provide little to no impact on the joints or the knees meaning people looking for a low impact workout, will be well suited to the Gazelle Freestyle.

People with knee problems may find that the Gazelle Freestyle is exactly what they are looking for.

In addition at under $200 the Gazelle Freestyle is great value.

It’s very unique in that it doesn’t try to be like other low-priced elliptical machines and thus leaves dissatisfied users when it breaks down early or doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do.

In short, the Gazelle Freestyle does what it says on the tin and it’s reliable also, for under $200 it’s hard to find a better elliptical on the market.

There is also an even cheaper Gazelle glider model.

The cheaper Gazelle Edge model’s main difference from the Freestyle is that it has a max user weight of 250 pounds and does not come with a water bottle holder.

Potential buyers can save even more money on the Edge model if these features do not matter.

Overall Elliptical Rating: 4/5

  • Provides workout with no stress on the knees or joints
  • Suitable for a light workout
  • Good quality build
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Foldable to save space
  • Good value for money
  • Doesn’t provide an overly intense workout
  • No levels of resistance
  • Need to lubricate periodically to avoid loud squeaks
  • Tracking console is quite basic
  • Calorie count and heart rate monitor are often inaccurate

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