10 Homemade Fruit Popsicle Recipes That Won’t Kill Your Summer Diet

It is nearly beach season and you’ve worked long and hard to chisel down that perfectly sculpted body that is sure to cause all bystanders to be envious.

Ok, maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration, but don’t let your lack of a perfect body be the reason you accept cheat meals to ruin any progress you have made this winter.

colourful popsicles all lined up

While you may have been hitting the gym as part of your New Year’s resolution and crushing your diet plan, if you are anything like me then you are susceptible to ‘cheat meals’.

I personally have a sweet tooth problem that frequently causes me to lose focus on any dieting goals. Whether in the form or cake, pie, ice cream or even a smoothie, I have a hard time saying no when the cravings start calling my name. 

popsicles in a bucket

While I may not be capable of cutting out sweets altogether, I have found an alternative means of satisfying my cravings for sweets in a fairly health manner.

If you are like me in this regard, consider these 10 delightful frozen fruit pops as an alternative to ice cream and other fatty desserts:

1. Berry Parfait Yogurt Pops


If you are a fan of parfaits, this option will be right up your alley. To get the visual effects of a parfait, consider making these popsicles in layers. Start with Greek yogurt, top with berries of your choosing, add milk and granola. Pop these babies in the freezer to satisfy your craving in the morning or afternoon.

2. Strawberry Mango Pops

Strawberry-Mango-Chia-Popsicles-2This Popsicle recipe gets a little more tropical with mango added. Mix equal portions of strawberries and mango pieces with some coconut water, chia seeds and honey. The bright colours and texture from the chia seeds will make this dessert option very appealing.

3. Blueberry Lemon Pops

Blueberry-Lemon-Popsicles-5-willcookforsmiles.com_Nothing says summer like blueberries. Making this Popsicle option offers the sweetness of blueberries with the tartness of lemons, which complement each other very nicely. Blend up some blueberries, juice from a single lemon and add some honey for a Popsicle that just screams summer.

4. Avocado Lime Popsicles


Mixed with a combination of avocado, coconut, banana and lime this is definitely one of the more exotic pops. See how to make it here.

5. Blueberry Yogurt Swirl Pops


This is very similar to the first Popsicle recipe, but a little more simplified. Blend up two cups of blueberries, 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 cups of Greek yogurt. Pour this mixture in to your mould and have a delicious and simply dessert at the ready.

6. Green Smoothie Pops


This Popsicle option is for those that really enjoy eating their greens. If you are a fan of green smoothies, this Popsicle should be perfect for you. 

Some people prefer to drink their vegetables, but why not enjoy them as a dessert? Mix one green apple, two cups of green grapes, two cups of chopped kale, one cup of cubed zucchini, some water, honey, lemon or lime juice and one whole avocado. Blend all these ingredients up and pour in to your Popsicle moulds.

7. Layered Rainbow Popsicles


You may need a lot of ingredients for this one but the appearance will be worth it in the end, shame you have to eat it. To make this delightful popsicle see here.

8. Honey Roasted Grapefruit Parfait Pops


Create this popsicle using roasted grapefruit segments, honey, almonds and yoghurt.

9. Champagne Popsicles


Something a bit different and probably one not for the kids! Recipe here.

10. Creamy Peach & Honey Popsicles


Perfect for summertime these honey sweetened peach popsicles are made from roasted peaches and make a perfect healthy treat.

5 Different Frozen Treats

Watch this quick video on how to make popsicles step by step.

Get Started Before Summer’s Out!

There are several options for Popsicle moulds, depending on how fancy you want to get when making these. Some may even opt for a disposable plastic cup as there mould. 

The best part about making these popsicles is drinking the leftovers as a healthy smoothie. If you make these desserts in bulk, you should be able to enjoy these healthier desserts for weeks to come. Enjoy making these popsicles and the warm, summer weather over the next few months. 

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