How to Cook Lobster Tails (An Easy How-To Guide)

I personally love eating lobsters. Usually crab is the more frequent crustacean that sits on a plate in front of me ready to be eaten but that’s purely based on affordability. I much prefer lobster. The meat is more succulent and they are generally more meatier than crabs.

But today, we’re not focusing on whole lobsters. But specifically on how to cook lobster tails.

The idea behind cooking only the tails as opposed to the whole lobster, is that it’s more economical buying just the tails rather than separate whole lobsters.

Secondly, the majority of the meaty goodness of the lobster is found in the tail. So learning to cook lobster tails and making them into a delicious dish is often more beneficial to cooking lobsters whole.

Source: Burhop’s Seafood

The basics are: bake, boil, grill, and broil. If you are baking or grilling your lobster there is no prep necessary for the actual lobster tail. If you are wanting to boil or broil the lobster you must thaw it first. This is typically done by soaking it in cold water for 30 minutes and then changing out the water and continuing to soak it until the tails are flexible. There is no right way to pick a lobster, it all depends on your preference.

We recommend watching the quick video above on how to thaw, prepare and cook your lobster tail.

Once you’ve got the basics you can then move onto more specialised recipes.

1. Lobster Tail with Claws

Source: Poor Man’s Gourmet Kitchen

Recipe Outline:

  1. Snip all the way down stopping at the tail
  2. Pull the meat out and prop it on the shell
  3. Cover in olive oil and dust with paprika
  4. Bake at 375 for 1 1/2 min per ounce
  5. Broil until brown

2. Lobster Roll

Source: Just One Cookbook

If you like seafood sandwiches, this is the dish for you to try. If you want something casual and quick, this recipe is the way to go.

  1. Bring water to a boil. Add lobster.
  2. Remove. Cut in half then peel out meat.
  3. Cut meat into 1/2 inch pieces. Add diced celery, chives, and spicy mayo.
  4. Refrigerate 5 – 10 minutes while toasting bread
  5. Stuff bread with lobster mixture

3. Grilled Lobster Tail

Source: HowToBBQRight Malcom Reed

This one is perfect for the summer nights. If you want to try grilling your lobster tails then this is the recipe for you. This is also very quick, so you won’t have to spend too long standing over a hot grill in the summer heat to enjoy this dish. There is also a recipe for the butter sauce (it is basically butter with a few different spices such as garlic and basil).

  1. Cut the lobster tails down the center and add olive oil, salt and pepper.
  2. But tails meat side down for 5 minutes. baste tops with butter sauce while they are cooking
  3. Dip each tail in the butter and then turn it over for about 3-5 more minutes. Can add more butter to the meat side
  4. Remove and serve with more butter sauce and lemon juice over the top

4. Broiled Lobster Tails

Source: chriscook4u2

This video is an extremely detailed walk through of how to broil lobster tails.

  1. Cut the top of the lobster about halfway down and open up the shell
  2. Pull meat away from the shell and then completely remove from back
  3. Leave attached at the fin and sit meat on top of the shell and fan the meat out
  4. Paste the meat with butter and oil mixture and add paprika
  5. Put some water on the baking sheet then sit lobster on it
  6. Bake for 15 (1 1/2 mins for every ounce) on 375 then Broil on about 475 for 3 minutes

5. Lobster Bisque

Source: Food Wishes

Lobster bisque really is a unique soup. The taste is something like I never expected and I’d say when it comes to lobster bisque there are two views; either you are going to like it, or you are going to hate it. For those who are already sure that they are in the former, here’s the recipe.

  1. Split lobster and cook until colored
  2. Add water to roasting pan on medium high heat 2-3 minutes
  3. Pour into stock pot with lobster (minus tails) along with spices
  4. Pull the meat from tail while stock pot is simmering, shells go in stock pot
  5. Simmer
  6. Strain and remove meat from shells when cool
  7. Put liquid back in sauce add tomato paste and paprika
  8. Bring to simmer and add rice
  9. Simmer for about 30 minutes
  10. Add cheap brandy and heavy cream with a little Worcestershire sauce and cayenne pepper
  11. Stir while simmering for 10 – 15 minutes
  12. Chop lobster meat as small as preferred and add to sauce

6. Lobster Pie


This is a slightly longer recipe to prepare but still delicious.

Recipe Outline:

  1. Quarter cup of wine – reduce to 1/3 and ad heavy cream – Medium low heat
  2. Add either shrimp broth or cube
  3. Reduce mixture to about half and add in about 2 tails of lobster meat
  4. Remove from heat for 2 minutes then put back on the heat (optional: add peas)
  5. In the meantime, mix Panko bread crumbs with melted butter and Parmesan cheese
  6. Put meat in casserole dish and cover with the sauce and add cheese
  7. Top with cut up bacon strips then mashed potato and peas and finish with Panko mixture
  8. Bake for 20 minutes on 400

7. Lobster, Crab, and Shrimp Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Source: CookingWithCarolyn

This one contains additional meat besides lobster, but this is a great switch up to just lobster. You could probably do it without the extra meat for an all lobster dish.

Recipe Outline:

  1. Boil water
  2. Add pasta and cook for about 8 minutes
  3. (separate pan) saute onions in garlic and olive oil. Add thyme.
  4. Add 2 tablespoons all purpose flour
  5. Warm the milk in microwave and add to sauce
  6. Bring to simmer while stirring
  7. Stir in cheese, turn off heat, then stir in pasta
  8. Put half of pasta in dish then add a layer of shrimp, crab, and lobster. Repeat.
  9. Cover with parchment paper and foil
  10. Bake for 35 minutes on 350

8. Beth’s Lobster Thermidor

Source: Entertaining With Beth

This one is a little pricey, but it works well as a dinner party dish.

  1. Put lobster tails on their backs and crack up the center
  2. Drizzle with olive oil
  3. Put in oven for 15-20 ovens on 400
  4. Meanwhile melt butter in skillet and add shallots
  5. When they become clear add button mushrooms
  6. When mushrooms start getting juicy add sweet cherry
  7. Cook down for about 2 minutes
  8. Remove lobster tails and cool until cool enough to handle
  9. Cut up both sides and remove meat without ruining shells
  10. Chop meat into bit sized pieces
  11. Melt butter in skillet and add flower
  12. Whisk in fish stock
  13. Combine with mushroom mixture
  14. Add 1/2 cup of heavy cream
  15. Add cooked lobster
  16. Spoon into the shells and top with cheese
  17. Broil for 15-20 minutes until cheese is brown

9. Lobster Pot Pie

Source: therhodeshow

This is a nice variation to a traditional pot pie and worth a try.

Recipe Outline:

  1. melt butter in pan
  2. Add celery, leeks, and carrots (you can use any veggies you want)
  3. Stir and salt and pepper to taste
  4. Cover vegetables for 6-8 minutes
  5. Add cherry, seafood stock (or clam juice), flour, heavy cream
  6. Put heat on high to thicken (2-3 minutes)
  7. As it thickens you can add spices such as parsley and cayenne pepper
  8. Add lobster
  9. Put in pastries or in casserole dish
  10. Top with pastry or additional crust from casserole

10. Lobster Scrambled Eggs

Source: Food Wishes

Like a lot of the recipes above this doesn’t require using the tails of the lobsters directly as you can use any chopped up bits of lobster. This recipe is something I would never have thought up. Who would ever consider saving lobster to put in your scrambled eggs?

Recipe Outline:

  1. Saute pan on medium low heat
  2. Melt butter then add lobster
  3. When it starts to warm up add eggs
  4. Increase heat to medium
  5. Constantly keep it moving until it is done to avoid rubbery chunks

So, what do you think? I hope some of these recipes inspired you to step out of your comfort zone and try making a lobster dish. There is a wide range of recipes that are actually really quick to make!

If you think we’ve missed any lobster recipes that should have made the list or you have your own opinions don’t be afraid to leave a comment below.

Happy cooking


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