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The Best Standing Desk Chairs in 2022

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Sitting at your desk for several hours at a time can contribute to a sedentary lifestyle which can have adverse effects on your health.

Sedentary behaviour can increase your risk of heart disease, may lead to obesity, can contribute to anxiety and depression and can also increase your risk of certain cancers. [1]

Furthermore, it can put strain on your lower back and even cause aches and pains, leg cramps, and in some cases blood clots.

If your job requires you to be in one position all day long, there are things you can do to prevent the risks associated with physical inactivity.

One solution is the use of a standing desks chair in place of your regular office chair.

These chairs for standing desks allow you to rest in a position between standing and sitting while you work.

In this article, we’ll highlight the best standing desk chairs on the market.

Then we will share our top pick from the list based on features and customers reviews.

In this article, we’re going to review the best standing desk chairs and help you choose the best one for your needs.

The Benefits of Using a Standing Desk Chair

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These products work in tandem with your standing desk, allowing you to perch on the chair while you work.

The unique design activates the core muscles and also helps to improve posture.

Standing desk chairs are ideal for professionals and even students.

If you spend long hours at a desk for work or school and you’ve experienced adverse issues as a result, or want to avoid these issues a standing desk chair is a great solution.

Here are some of the many benefits of using a standing desk chair over a standard office chair.

Keeps the Body Active All Day

A standing desk stool allows you to frequently change positions throughout the day, so that the body does not go into a sedentary state.

This is not the case with a normal office chair with lumbar support.

Increases Focus

These chairs for standing desks encourage movement by allowing you to spin, perch, tilt, wobble etc., so your entire body is kept fully awake while you work.

Since you have to position your body a certain way on the stool, it keeps you alert and focused.

Improves Posture

Based on the ergonomics of the chair you really have no choice but to sit properly and hold your back straight.

This helps to promote good posture over time.

Furthermore, standing desk chairs are backless without lumbar support, so you cannot slouch or even lean back into any position without falling.

Helps with Back Pain

A lot of the pain and discomfort you feel from sitting in a regular office chair is often a result of slouching or improper posture which puts strain on the spine.

Since the stool forces you to sit in the correct position your back is properly aligned with good posture, it can help to alleviate lower back pain.

Decreased Risk of Obesity

While using a standing desk stool, your core and other muscles in the body are activated.

And they remain active throughout the day which means your body is burning calories.

Couple this with other healthy lifestyle choices and you will decrease your risk of being overweight or obese.

What to Look for When Buying a Standing Desk Chair

There are several factors you will need to look out for when choosing the best standing desk chair for your needs.

Height adjustment feature

The standing desk stool needs to be at an appropriate height in order for you to gain the benefits of active sitting.

It also needs to correspond with the height of your standing desk.

These chairs have a lever that allows you to adjust to the height of the chair and the range is often listed in the product description.

If you are under 5 ft or above 6ft tall, please pay special attention to this detail.


Standing desk chairs often require some sort of assembly before they can be used, and some are more complicated than others.

Certain products will require specific tools for setup, which may or may not come with the device.

If you are unable to put together the item on your own, make sure to choose an option that requires little to no assembly.

Weight capacity

This is an important feature to consider especially for persons who are above average weight.

The product detail will usually outline the maximum weight limit that the standing chair can accommodate so you can make a selection within your weight range.


The comfort level of the standing chair is dependent on some of the factors listed above—mostly height adjustment and weight capacity.

However, the seat of the chair also plays an important role in the comfort level.

Some cushions are often padded with foam of different thickness levels, and the type of fabric used on the chair is also essential to the comfort level.

The 10 Best Standing Desk Chairs in 2022

Now that you know the most important features to look for when choosing a standing chair, let’s discuss some of the best options on the market.

We’ve based our selections on comfort, price, and overall customer satisfaction.

This 360-degree, wobble standing desk chair can be raised from 20 inches to 28 inches by squeezing the airlift to suit your height.

The half-dome seat wobbles up to 10 degrees off centre before bouncing back, this allows you to move and burn calories in your core, legs and back whether you are sitting or standing.

Users are allowed to spin and tilt the chair and it can be used as both a bar stool while standing or a rocking chair while seated.

The Seville Classics Airlift chair accommodates up to 250 pounds, featuring a modern, ergonomic design.

The plush foam seat cushion is also breathable and fire-resistant.

The base of the chair is made from PVC and has a circular, non-slip base which keeps the stool stable even on smooth surfaces.

It is also easy to assemble, with no tools required.

On the downside, some buyers noted that it doesn’t work with very high standing desks and others found the cushion too hard for comfort.

Nonetheless, it does feature, rock, wobble and tilt options and the non-slip base means it won’t scratch your floors.

  • Has a non-slip base
  • Can accommodate up to 250-pound weight limit
  • Allows you to burn calories while sitting or standing unlike a regular office chair
  • There are no instructions for assembly
  • Does not work well with very high standing desks

This standing desk chair from VIVO allows you to easily move through multiple positions and promotes neutral posture to strengthen your back.

You can perch, sit and lean in this chair which has a front tilting seat that helps to reduce numbness in the tailbone.

It is touted as the only standing desk chair designed for all-day use and should be able to accommodate persons between 5 ft to 6ft 4 inches tall with a maximum weight capacity of 275 pounds.

Plus, it has an adjustable height range of 24 to 46.3 inches—the highest on our list.

This VIVO can be adjusted via a foot pedal or a lever under the seat and boasts a built-in, anti-fatigue mat.

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One of the downsides to this product is that it cost significantly more than the previously mentioned Seville Classics Airlift 360.

The VIVO is also a lot bulkier to move around than some of the other options on this list, however, it does come with transport wheels at the back to make this easier.

Nonetheless, this product comes with an anti-fatigue mat built into the device and it can go up to 46.3 inches high, so if you need the extra height and budget is not an issue, give this one a try.

  • Quality brand
  • Comes with anti-fatigue mat built into the device
  • Features a front tilting seat to reduce tailbone numbness
  • Large seat height range
  • High quality
  • Relatively expensive
  • Bulky to move around

This move tilting saddle stool by Varier comes in black revive fibre and has a natural ash base.

It was manufactured in Europe and features a Norwegian design –an original by Per Die designed in 1985.

The standing desk stool is constructed to move with your body and the seat features soft edges for optimal comfort and a rounded base, which allows for extended range of motion.

Varier has earned a NEAT certification after being tested and proven by The Mayo Clinic to increase calorie burn when compared to normal office chairs.

This lightweight chair allows for 360-degree movement and has a rubber fixture under the seat so you can hang the chair on your desk when not in use.

Furthermore, it has an adjustable gas lift so you can easily alter between standing and sitting.

Some buyers found the product uncomfortable to sit on, noting that it can only be used for short stints before becoming painful.

But the chair is certified to increase calorie burn so if you need to burn off some extra pounds, give this one a try.

  • Boasts a NEAT certification
  • Features original 1985 design
  • Constructed to move with your body
  • Does not provide details regarding height adjustment and weight capacity
  • Painful to sit on if used for long periods

This stool allows you to strengthen the core muscles while sitting, thanks to the non-slip, curved base that facilitates a slight rocking during use.

Additionally, the backless design encourages proper posture and the easy to use, pneumatic gas lift lets you adjust the seat height from 18.5 to 28 inches.

The Learniture active learning stool features a lightweight design for easy storage and mobility and the seat is made from vinyl-covered foam.

It features polypropylene along with steel gas lift centre support and was inspired by teachers and designed for flexibility.

It can accommodate persons of different sizes and the seat size is ideal for both 5th graders and adults.

Persons who bought this item complained that they found the seat cushion too hard and that adjustable option doesn’t go high enough to accommodate tall people. 

However, this one is ideal for 5th graders and adult and comes at a moderate price.

  • Features a backless design to encourage good posture
  • Offers slight rocking motion to strengthen core muscles
  • Cushion is too hard for some people
  • Seat height only goes up to 28 inches

This moderately priced chair from SONGMICS is available in black and grey and is made from polypropylene, steel and polyester.

The seat is upholstered with 3. 1 inches of thick, high-density foam for added comfort and to prevent deformity during long term use.

Plus, with the press of a button, you can adjust the height from 24. 8 to 34. 6 inches.

After raising the height of the chair, it is recommended that you sit for a maximum of 3 hours.

The chair allows you to swivel and you can also tilt to 8 degrees in any direction.

For added convenience, there are two handles on the sides of the seat which can be used as armrests for relaxation.

The bottom of this standing desk chair also features anti-slip pads to prevent scratches on your floor.

It has a load capacity of 265 pounds and a recommended user height of up to 5ft 7 inches.

The complaints about this chair were that it doesn’t allow you to comfortably lean/perch on the chair while standing, and shorter persons also had some discomfort.

Despite the critique, the price is certainly a plus and the thick foam padding adds extra comfort; it’s a good pick for persons under 5 ft 7 inches and those on a tight budget.

  • Anti-slip pads to protect scratches on the floor
  • Over 3 inches of foam for added comfort
  • Press button height adjustment
  • Not for persons taller than 5ft 7 inches
  • Does not work well as a standing chair

This perch stool by HON allows you to seamlessly transition from a seated to a standing position with the touch of a button.

Its lightweight frame and compact design allows you to easily rearrange the stool in any space and the flared handle is a convenient feature.

It is touted as the perfect active seating solution, boasting a pneumatic seat height adjustment option.

The height ranges from 23 ¾ to 35 inches to suit varying heights and the active pivoting motion allows you to tilt forward comfortably.

Furthermore, this perch stool has a gently curved front edge and ergonomic contours for added comfort.

The chair can accommodate up to 250 pounds and your purchase comes with a limited 5-year warranty.

Buyers complained that the chair loosens over time, therefore, losing its sturdiness, when this happens it doesn’t stay in the set height position.

Some people also felt it wasn’t ideal for short persons.

However, this perch stool sells at a great price and there is a 5-year warranty with your purchase.

  • Limited 5-year warranty with purchase
  • Button touch height adjustment feature
  • Has curved front edge and ergonomic contours
  • Chair loosens over time and doesn’t stay in the set seat height position
  • Not ideal for short persons

This wobble stool from Flexispot is the cheapest option on our list and is designed to help you burn calories, strengthen the core and improve posture.

It is made with a comfortable, thick cushioned seat and the base cover is made from PP material.

It features an ergonomic design with a 360-degree swivel feature allowing you to tilt left and right at 15-degrees.

The stool can height adjust from 22.3 to 28.1 inches tall with the push of a button and has a balanced stable iron base.

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It comes in a variety of colours such as black, red, blue and grey, and is easy to assemble.

Keep in mind that the weight capacity for this chair is rather low at 154 pounds.

Nonetheless, this is a very cost-effective product ideal for persons looking for a decent standing desk chair from a reputable brand.

  • Features an ergonomic design
  • Cost-effective and easy to assemble
  • Only has a 154-pound weight capacity

This is another cost-friendly option for buyers on a budget.

Ideal for desks and workstations this active stool from Puluomis is designed for you to actively alternate between standing and sitting throughout the day.

The adjustable height options range from 22 to 27 inches (there is also a 26 to 31 inches model available) with the touch of a button and the chair allows you to lean forward and backwards to maintain proper and active posture while you work.

Plus, for ease of movement you can take advantage of the built-in handle.

Additionally, for upper body motion and active hip lumbar engagement, the chair lets you swivel to 360-degree rotation.

It has a 300-pound weight capacity and features a non-slip base with a non-marking cover.

Some users say that this stool is not the easiest to adjust nor does it come with any buyer guarantee, but it’s one of the cheaper options on our list and would be a good pick for buyers on a budget.

  • Features a non-slip base
  • Built-in handle for ease of movement
  • Promotes upper body motion and active hip lumbar engagement with 360-degree swivel option
  • Does not offer buyer guarantee
  • Some users report that the seat has very little padding

This sit-to-stand chair can swivel to 360 degrees, rock, tilt, lean and move around helping you to be productive while burning calories.

The saddle stool is designed for active sitting, helping to strengthen the core while working on the legs and back as well as improving your posture.

This standing desk chair from Living Essentials works for a variety of users thanks to the adjustable seat feature which ranges in height from 27.56 to 37.79 inches.

The lever-activated pneumatic lift mechanism allows you to smoothly transition from sitting to standing in a matter of seconds.

This ergonomic stool also features a dimpled saddle seat with a 2-inch thick cushion made with moulded foam and covered with premium fabric.

It boasts a counter-balanced base with a non-skid surface, flared handle and can accommodate up to 300 pounds. 

Buyers complained that the stool does not tilt forward easily and that they found the seat cushion uncomfortable.

However, this is the only product on our list that can accommodate 300 pounds making it a good pick for heavier persons.

  • Can accommodate up to 300 pounds
  • Features 360-degree swivel
  • Has counter-balanced base with non-skid surface
  • Seat cushion can be uncomfortable
  • Tilt feature does not work easily

This active seat from Varidesk comes fully assembled so that’s one less thing you have to worry about.

It features wide cushioned seats with a bent plywood seat base and is designed to accommodate up to 250 pounds.

Furthermore, the low seat back allows for better posture giving you the ability to engage your core, legs and back.

For easy height adjustment, the chair is equipped with an air-lift piston and ranges from 25.5 to 35 inches high.

YouTube video

The stool offers a dynamic range of motion, rotating to 360 degrees to keep the body active whether you’re sitting or leaning.

Plus, it is quality certified. 

Buyers noted that the seat was too hard and that the curved shape made it very uncomfortable.

Nonetheless, one of the biggest selling points is that this chair comes already assembled.

  • Chair comes fully assembled
  • Features wide cushioned seats
  • Has low back for better posture
  • Seat is hard
  • Curved shape of the seat is uncomfortable

The Best Standing Desk Chair: Recommendations

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The Ergonomic leaning perch chair from VIVO takes our top pick from the list, and although it’s not the cheapest it has many enviable features.

You can perch, sit and lean in this chair.

Plus, it features a front tilting seat that helps to reduce numbness in the tailbone while promoting neutral posture to strengthen your back.

Furthermore, it’s the only stool on our list that goes up to 46.3 inches in height and feature a built-in anti-fatigue mat.

If you need a more cost-friendly alternative, the Flexispot wobble stool is the cheapest option on our list.

This portable stool features an ergonomic design with a 360-degree swivel feature allowing you to tilt left and right at 30-degree.

Flexispot is made with a comfortable, thick cushioned seat and the stool can be. adjusted with the push of a button

If you need a standing desk chair for a larger weight group, the Living Essential Standing desk chair is a good option to consider.

It can swivel, tilt, rock and lean and has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds.

When it comes to comfort, the stool from SONGMICS is a great option.

It is upholstered with 3.1 inches of thick, high-density foam for added comfort and to keep its shape after multiple uses. 

It lets you swivel and tilt to 8 degrees in any direction and there are two handles on the sides of the seat which can be used as armrests for relaxation.

Other Ergonomic Tools to Promote Better Posture

Perhaps a standing desk chair isn’t what you are looking for.

If so, take a look at these other similar types of products.

Kneeling Chairs

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These are designed to help you maintain a standing posture while you sit, by forcing the body into a kneeling angle between 60 and 70 degrees.

Kneeling chairs not only help to improve your posture, but they can also help to alleviate back pain that comes from too much sitting.

They are also comfortable and can significantly improve core muscle strength and tone with consistent use.

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Stability Ball Chairs

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These help to improve posture as well and can be used in your office or home.

Stability ball chairs– due to the rounded shape– contributes to active sitting which can reduce lower back pain.

Additionally, these balls can increase circulation which improves your focus.

Plus, the increased activity level may also improve your mood while promoting better hormone balance.

Additionally, a study has also shown that persons who opted for balance balls over traditional office chairs burned 4.1 times more calories per hour.

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Standing Desks

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Another option to consider is a standing desk which has several variations.

There are sit-to-stand desktop converters, electric powered sit-to-stand options, fixed standing desks and sit-to-stand desks. 

They can accommodate different weights and has height adjustable features that can be either manual or electrical.

The type of standing desk you choose will depend on your particular needs but is believed that standing desks may help to repair issues caused by years of sitting.

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Anti-fatigue Mats

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These mats aim to prevent or relieve back pain, leg pain, fatigue and other issues associated with standing for extended periods.

They can reduce stress on the body especially the heart, by promoting constant movement and can also help to reduce stress on the joints and muscles.

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Ergonomic Footrests

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These devices provide a place to rest your feet while you are seated and are designed to take the pressure off your feet, legs, and lower back.

Ergonomic footrests encourage active sitting since it reduces pressure on your legs by supporting your feet while you sit. 

They help with several issues including back pain, blood circulation and posture.

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Final Notes

Before we end this, article, it’s important to remind you to always read the product descriptions carefully before settling on a standing desk chair.

Assess the varying features and choose a product that will suit your specific needs.

If you suffer from leg cramps, lower back pain and other issues related to a sedentary lifestyle consult a doctor about the most effective product to address these issues.

Hopefully, this article has shed some light on the varied solutions out there, so that you can be on your way to a more comfortable life.

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