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Top 12 Best Massage Guns for Muscle Recovery in 2023

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Massage guns have rapidly gained popularity in recent years, and for good reason. These powerful tools provide targeted relief for muscle tension, soreness, and stiffness, enhancing recovery and overall well-being. Whether you’re an athlete looking to speed up post-workout recovery or someone dealing with chronic pain and stress, a massage gun can be a valuable addition to your self-care routine. However, with so many options available, choosing the right device that caters to your specific needs and preferences is crucial.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various benefits of massage guns and delve into the features that set them apart. By providing detailed reviews and comparisons of top massage guns on the market, we aim to help you make an informed decision that will meet your unique requirements.

The best massage guns in 2023

Here is a list of 12 of the best massage guns available.

The Hyperice Hypervolt 2 is a top-of-the-range, albeit pricey, massage gun designed for those who prioritise a quiet massage experience. Boasting patented aerospace-grade technology, the Hypervolt 2 is touted as the quietest massage gun on the market, ensuring a discreet and enjoyable session.

With three speed levels, the Hypervolt 2 offers excellent control and accuracy for targeting various muscle groups. The device comes with five head attachments, including ball shapes, a cone shape, and a flat disk shape, perfect for customising your massage experience. However, the power output of this massage gun may not be as impressive as some of its competitors.

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While the build quality is robust, the selection and quality of attachments that come with the Hypervolt 2 leave room for improvement. Moreover, the battery life isn’t as long-lasting as other massage guns on the market, and there’s no carry case for the gun itself, only for the attachments.

The high price tag of the Hypervolt 2 is difficult to justify considering the features offered by other massage guns in the market. Although it remains a solid choice for those who value a quiet device, users seeking power and affordability may want to explore alternative options.

Quiet operation with patented aerospace-grade technology
Three-speed levels for customisable massage experience
Five head attachments for targeting different muscle groups
Robust build quality
Nice design and feel
Comparatively pricey
Lacks power compared to other massage guns
Attachments may be of average quality
Battery life not as long-lasting as competitors
No carry case for the massage gun

Comfier Mini Massage Gun

The Comfier mini massage gun, though small in size, offers an impressive range of features and convenience. With a lightweight design of just 1.2 lbs, this compact massage gun is perfect for those seeking an easily portable and unobtrusive option.

The small size does not compromise on functionality; the Comfier mini massage gun is simple to use with four speed levels and four different head attachments. Additionally, it offers the convenience of USB charging, making it even more practical for on-the-go use.

Despite its compact design, this massage gun is powerful yet quiet, thanks to its built-in 2000mAh high-quality lithium battery, which can last up to 7 hours on a single full charge. However, it is important to note that this mini-massage gun may not be ideal for targeting larger muscle groups like the quads or hamstrings due to the smaller head attachments.

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Instead, it is better suited for releasing tightness in less fleshy areas, such as the neck and forearms. The Comfier mini massage gun is not recommended for post-workout or athletic use, as it is designed more for light relief rather than heavy-duty muscle stimulation.

In conclusion, the Comfier mini massage gun is an excellent option for those seeking a compact, portable massager for quick and discreet relief, particularly in smaller muscle groups or for use at a desk to alleviate tension.

Compact and lightweight design
Easy to use with four speed levels and four head attachments
USB charging for added convenience
Powerful yet quiet operation
Long battery life of up to 7 hours
Not ideal for targeting larger muscle groups
More suited for light relief rather than heavy-duty muscle stimulation
No carry case

TheraGun Pro – 5th Generation

Thanks to its powerful motor and versatile range of attachments, the Theragun PRO 5th Gen is undeniably effective at targeting knots and trigger points that other massage guns might struggle to reach. Each attachment is designed to cater to specific muscles, ensuring that even the smallest trigger points can be addressed. The device is perfect for releasing deeply embedded knots and trigger points and providing your largest muscles with a thorough shake after a workout to aid post-recovery. When you’re using this device you’ll notice how its performance is better than any other massage gun.

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However, it’s important to consider the potential drawbacks of investing in the Theragun PRO 5th Gen. With Therabody frequently updating its product line, the current model may become outdated in a few years, making it more difficult to find support, accessories, and repair parts. Additionally, unlike the 4th generation model, which included two extra batteries for easy interchangeability, the 5th generation model comes with only one battery. Furthermore, we feel that the device is overpriced, so it’s advisable to look for sales or discounts when purchasing.

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Despite these flaws, there’s no doubt that it is the best massage gun you can buy. It’s also worth noting that if you purchase the Theragun PRO through the official website, you’ll be eligible for a 60-day home trial with a full refund and free return shipping if unsatisfied. This makes it a relatively risk-free investment, allowing users to try the device’s exceptional performance.

Exceptional performance in targeting knots and trigger points
Powerful motor and versatile range of attachments
Compact size and neat carry case for portability
Suitable for post-workout recovery
Customisable speed range via app
60-day home trial with a full refund and free return shipping when purchased through the official website
Good deal if found on sale or with a discount
Frequent updates may affect long-term availability of parts and accessories
Customer support can be unresponsive
Only one battery included, unlike the previous generation

RENPHO R3 Portable Massage Gun

The RENPHO Massage Gun offers a reliable and affordable solution for those seeking effective muscle relief without breaking the bank. Equipped with five different massage heads and five speeds ranging from 1800 to 3200 rpm, this versatile device caters to a variety of needs.

Weighing only 1.5 lbs, the RENPHO Massage Gun is significantly lighter than the Theragun Pro, making it more portable and easier to handle. Users consistently praise its performance despite it not being as powerful as some high-end massage guns on the market.

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Notably, the RENPHO Massage Gun includes a zip-up case for convenient storage and a USB-C type charging system, allowing hassle-free charging while travelling. The device also boasts a long battery life, with a rechargeable 2500mAh high-quality battery that lasts a week’s worth of workouts after a full charge.

One downside, however, is the 10-minute auto-shutoff feature, which can be an annoyance since it cannot be switched off. This feature is not present in other massage guns and may not be necessary for many users.

In conclusion, the RENPHO Massage Gun is an excellent choice for beginners or those on a tight budget, offering an all-in-one package at an attractive price point.

Affordable and reliable
Five massage heads for versatility
Five speed settings (1800 to 3200 rpm)
Lightweight (1.5lbs) and portable
Zip-up case included for easy storage
USB-C type charging system
Long battery life
Not as powerful as high-end massage guns
10-minute auto-shutoff feature can be annoying and unnecessary

Breo Massage Gun

The Breo MG2 is an attractive, lightweight, and quiet massage gun that stands out due to its well-designed and aesthetically pleasing construction. Breo is known for its high-end massage products; this massage gun is no exception. Sized between a mini massage gun and a full-sized one, the MG2 boasts surprising power despite its compact form.

Equipped with a non-detachable bullet head, two additional interchangeable heads (which you put over the non-detachable head), and five speeds ranging from 1600 to 3200 RPM, the MG2 targets various muscle groups and effectively alleviates body fatigue and soreness. One of its standout features is the detachable extension handle, which allows users to easily reach their back and other hard-to-reach areas. This feature sets it apart from most massage guns on the market, making it a fantastic option for those who require a versatile, mid-sized massage gun.

However, the MG2 does have a couple of drawbacks. It lacks a carrying case for the gun and attachments, making storage inconvenient. Additionally, it only includes three attachment heads, which may be limiting for some users. Despite these shortcomings, the MG2 is a reasonably priced massage gun, particularly given its origin from the reputable Breo brand. Overall, it is a solid choice for individuals seeking a mid-sized massage gun that is aesthetically appealing and practical, particularly for those needing to target their back, thanks to the handy extension handle.

Attractive and well-designed
Lightweight and quiet operation
Sized between a mini and full-sized massage gun
Detachable extension handle for hard-to-reach areas
Reasonably priced for a Breo product
Relatively powerful
Only comes with three attachment heads
No carrying case included

Talon Percussion Massage Gun

The Brazyn Talon Percussion Massage Gun is a fantastic solution to the common issue of short handles on massage guns, making it challenging to reach your back. This versatile massage gun boasts a long handle, allowing easy access to those hard-to-reach areas.

The Talon’s features include its modular design, which comes with a muscle massage gun, massage gun holder, massage cane attachment, and a Gua Sha muscle scraper tool. With its quick-connect system, you can effortlessly switch between the attachments and fold the handle for added portability. Additionally, the Talon has an impressive high-torque motor, delivering powerful and effective massages up to 3,200 RPM, making it perfect for targeting pesky trigger points. This massage gun also comes with a convenient carrying case that keeps everything tidy, including all the extension handles and heads.

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However, the Talon may not be suitable for everyone. Its lowest setting is relatively fast, which could be overwhelming for more sensitive users. Additionally, it is on the pricier side. Despite these minor drawbacks, the Brazyn Talon Percussion Massage Gun remains an excellent investment, especially if you’re after a powerful massage for your back and have previously struggled with the short handles of other massage guns.

Long handle for easy reach
Quick-connect system for effortless switching between attachments
Powerful high-torque motor
Ergonomic design
Convenient carrying case
Lowest setting may be too fast for sensitive users

OPOVE Apex Massage Gun

The OPOVE Apex Massage Gun is a lightweight yet powerful option, weighing just 2.3 lbs, making it perfect for those who find heavier massage guns cumbersome. Despite its weight, it boasts impressive performance.

Offering three-speed settings to suit your needs, the Apex features an impressive 14.5mm stroke length and 50 pounds of stall force. The package includes six high-quality head attachments tailored for various body parts, ensuring a targeted massage experience.

One of the standout features of the OPOVE Apex Massage Gun is its ergonomic design. Unlike traditional massage guns, where the weight of the massage gun shifts to the front, the Apex has a 45º angled handle that evenly distributes weight, preventing wrist strain during use. The sleek rubbery exterior provides a premium feel, adding to the gun’s overall appeal.

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The massage gun is also designed with a high-precision structure for reduced noise and enhanced durability, allowing you to enjoy a quiet and efficient massage. The OPOVE Apex Massage Gun includes a handy carry case with separate compartments for the attachments, ensuring easy portability.

Overall, this massage gun offers excellent value for money and is a top choice for those seeking a well-designed, effective, and reasonably priced option.

Lightweight and easy to handle
Impressive 14.5mm stroke length and 50 pounds of stall force
Ergonomic design prevents wrist strain
Six high-quality head attachments
Quiet operation
Carry case included for convenient storage and transport
Occasional faulty units reported
Battery life on the short side (up to 3.5 hours)

Hyperice Hypervolt GO 2

The Hypervolt Go 2 by Hyperice is a compact, portable massage gun bridging the gap between full-sized and mini-sized devices. Designed with convenience and quality in mind, the Hypervolt Go 2 is perfect for athletes and adventurers seeking on-the-go muscle relief.

Though smaller than the original Hypervolt, the Go 2 model retains impressive power, offering three adjustable speed settings to suit individual preferences. The device’s high-quality construction and sleek design ensure a comfortable and enjoyable massage experience, while the brushless motor delivers near-silent operation.

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One drawback of the Hypervolt Go 2 is its higher price tag when compared to other massage guns on the market, especially considering the limited number of accessories included. The device comes with only two attachments (flat and bullet head) and lacks additional items, such as a storage case. However, the product’s quality and performance make it a worthwhile investment for those in search of a top-tier massage gun.

In conclusion, the Hypervolt Go 2 is an excellent option for those who desire a smaller, easy-to-use massage gun that packs some power without compromising on portability. Its lightweight and compact design makes it ideal for on-the-go use, and its slightly higher price tag is justified by the quality construction and performance. The Hypervolt Go 2 is best suited for individuals who want a portable, powerful massage tool and don’t mind investing more for a premium product.

Compact and portable design
High-quality construction and sleek appearance
Brushless motor for quiet operation
Three adjustable speed settings
Suitable for athletes and adventurers
Higher price tag compared to other massage guns with similar features
Limited accessories included (only two attachments)

Lifepro Sonic LX Massage Gun

The Sonic LX Massage Gun offers a versatile, feature-packed solution for those seeking deep tissue relief and improved flexibility. One of its standout features is the heated tip attachment, which aids in relaxing stiff muscles and providing enhanced comfort during use.

This massage gun is particularly beneficial for recovering from muscle injuries or alleviating post-workout soreness. With its quiet brushless motor, the Sonic LX eliminates the loud hammering noise commonly associated with massage guns, making it a more enjoyable experience.

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Boasting nine speed levels and ten interchangeable massage heads, the Sonic LX offers a tailored massage experience for every user. Though the heated tip attachment might not be necessary for everyone, it’s an excellent option for those requiring additional relief for tight muscles. The Sonic LX also comes with a compact, well-organised case, making it easy to transport, store and manage the various attachments.

On the downside, the Sonic LX has a shorter battery life than the original Sonic gun and may not deliver the same power as high-end models like the Theragun Pro.

In summary, the Sonic LX is a reliable and adaptable massage gun that delivers great value for money. Sitting between a budget option and top-of-the-range models, it offers an effective, well-built, all-in-one solution at a reasonable price.

Versatile and feature-packed
Heated tip attachment for added relief
Quiet brushless motor
Nine speed levels and ten interchangeable massage heads
Metal attachments suitable for use with massage oils
Compact, well-organised case
Less powerful than high-end models like the Theragun Pro
Shorter battery life than other massage guns of this size

The TriggerPoint Impact is TriggerPoint Therapy’s initial entry into the massage gun market, a brand usually recognised for its foam rollers and other myofascial release products. This massage gun is designed to penetrate larger, stronger muscles in athletes and work out tight knots in any individual. With a quiet, brushless 4-speed motor, the Impact delivers targeted pressure to help increase blood flow, hydrate muscle tissue and improve range of motion.

The angled handle and top-weighted design provide comfort and ease of use, allowing for better control and dexterity during your massage. The universal massage head is optimised for use on multiple muscle groups, further improving blood flow and accelerating recovery time. The rechargeable battery supplies over 2 hours of continuous massage, and the lightweight, travel-friendly design makes it a practical choice for on-the-go use.

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However, the TriggerPoint Impact massage gun does have its drawbacks. One significant limitation is the inclusion of only one massage head (which can’t be removed), which may not be suitable for effectively releasing tension in different body parts. Additionally, some users have reported issues with the battery failing to charge after a short period of use.

In conclusion, the TriggerPoint Impact massage gun is an adequate option for those seeking a massage gun with powerful percussion settings. Still, it may fall short due to the limited number of massage head options and reported battery issues.

Percussion massage gun from a reputable brand
Quiet, brushless 4-speed motor for targeted pressure
Angled handle and top-weighted design for comfort and control
Lightweight and travel-friendly design
Only one massage head included
Some reports of battery issues from customers
Battery only runs for 2 hours

Theragun Mini 2.0

The Theragun Mini 2.0 is an excellent budget-friendly alternative to the larger Theragun Pro, offering the same Therabody quality in a more compact and portable package. It is 20% smaller and 30% lighter than the previous generation, making it perfect for on-the-go muscle relief. With its flat design, ergonomic triangle shape, and three speed settings (1750, 2100, and 2400 PPMs), the Mini 2.0 is a powerful and effective tool for soothing cramps and knots.

This upgraded model comes with three attachments (Mini 1.0 had two), including the Standard Ball, Dampener, and Thumb, allowing for a personalised massage experience. The proprietary brushless motor with QuietForce Technology ensures a quiet operation, and its 120-minute battery life with convenient USB-C charging keeps it ready for use anytime, anywhere.

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While the Theragun Mini 2.0 is well-built and powerful for its size, it is worth noting that its grip may not be as ergonomically comfortable as massage guns with a handle, making it harder to reach the back and requiring some wrist flexibility. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a small, high-quality, and powerful massage gun to take with you on the go and don’t mind the slightly higher price tag, the Theragun Mini 2.0 is a fantastic choice.

Budget-friendly alternative to Theragun Pro
Compact, flat design for portability
Powerful performance for its size
Three adjustable speeds and includes three attachments
High-quality build and packaging
60-day home trial when purchased through the official website
May not be as ergonomically comfortable as devices with handles
More expensive than other mini massage guns

TOLOCO Massage Gun

The Tolooco Massage Gun is a budget-friendly option that offers a comprehensive package with 15 interchangeable massage heads, catering to various muscle groups and preferences. With 7-speed levels, up to 3200rpm, it provides a decent range of intensities to effectively relieve muscle fatigue and pain.

Despite its affordable price and impressive range of accessories, the Tolooco Massage Gun’s quality may not be on par with medium-priced alternatives. It’s longevity and effectiveness could concern those seeking a more robust and durable option.

However, this Tolooco Massage Gun presents a solid choice for individuals with a tight budget with its comprehensive set of attachments and user-friendly design. But being sure to manage expectations regarding its overall performance and longevity is essential, as more expensive models will offer superior quality and effectiveness.

In conclusion, the Tolooco Massage Gun is a suitable option for those looking for a budget-friendly solution with an extensive set of accessories, albeit with potential compromises in quality and effectiveness.

15 interchangeable massage heads
7-speed levels, up to 3200rpm
Quiet operation (40dB-50dB)
Portable and user-friendly design
USB charging (6-hour battery life)
Quality and longevity concerns
May not be as effective as more expensive models
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The Theragun Pro is our top recommendation for the best overall massage gun. It offers an unparalleled massage experience, effectively addressing deep trigger points and providing post-workout relief. With the power to tackle the largest muscle groups and enough settings to accommodate delicate areas, this versatile device is suitable for everyone.

Boasting high-quality construction and an attractive design, the Theragun Pro is a fantastic choice. However, it’s worth noting that this top-tier massage gun comes with a premium price tag.

If the Theragun Pro is out of your budget, don’t worry – we have other recommendations based on different criteria. Here are our top picks for various needs:

  1. Best budget: If you’re on a tight budget, the Toloco massage gun is a solid choice. Despite its affordable price, this device offers multiple speed settings and 15 interchangeable massage heads, making it a great value option for those looking to save money.
  2. Best Value: The Renpho massage gun is an excellent choice for those seeking value. Its user-friendly design, easy-to-follow instructions, and various massage heads make it a great starting point for individuals looking to explore the benefits of massage guns.
  3. Best Mid-Price Option: For a well-rounded massage gun at a moderate price, the LifePro Sonic LX is an ideal option. This device offers a great balance of power, versatility, and quality construction without breaking the bank.
  4. Best Mini Massage Gun: If you’re seeking a compact and portable massage gun, the Theragun Mini 2.0 is the ideal choice. This small yet powerful device offers three speeds and an ergonomic grip, making it perfect for on-the-go use or for those with limited storage space.
  5. Best for Light Massage: For those who prefer a gentler massage experience, the Comfier Mini Massage Gun is a fantastic option. With its quiet operation and lower-intensity settings, it provides a soothing and relaxing massage without causing discomfort.
  6. Best for Back Massage: The Talon Massage Gun, with its unique curved handle and powerful motor, is specifically designed for reaching the back with ease. This massage gun is an excellent choice for those seeking effective back pain relief and hard-to-reach muscle treatment.


As we conclude this comprehensive guide on massage guns, it’s clear that these devices can offer numerous benefits, including relieving muscle tension, enhancing recovery, and improving overall well-being. Choosing the right massage gun for your needs might seem daunting, but by considering factors like power, attachments, and price, you can find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

For first-time users, it’s essential to proceed with caution. Begin with lower intensity settings and gradually increase as needed. Be mindful not to use the massage gun on sensitive areas, such as bones, joints, or the front of your neck. Always listen to your body and take breaks when necessary. These simple tips and precautions can ensure a safe and effective massage gun experience.

Incorporating a massage gun into your wellness routine can be a game-changer, as it offers numerous benefits that can help you feel better and recover faster. With the right massage gun and proper usage, you’ll be on your way to enjoying a more relaxed, tension-free, and rejuvenated life.

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