The Best Back Massagers to Relieve Knots and Back Pain

the best back massagers
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This is a review of the 17 best back massagers in 2023.

If you have chronic back pain, having the right back massager by your side makes a world of a difference.

Investing in a back massager allows you to release tension as soon as it builds up, before it becomes pain.

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to deal with my own back pain so I’ve tried out many back massagers.

And I’ve found that finding the right tool depends on the intensity you need and if you want to go for a manual or an electric massager.

Personally, I found that the best back massager is a lacrosse massage ball.

However, I do realise that some people may be looking for something less intense and maybe even a little more relaxing.

Therefore, I’ve curated over a dozen of the best back massagers to give you a broad look at what’s available so you can choose the one that works best for you.

Let’s get started.

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The Best Back Massagers in 2023

Here’s a well-rounded lineup of the best back massagers delivering people relief today:

Pure-Wave CM-07

The PUREWAVE CM-07 is quality-made by PADO, a company that’s been making patented technology since 2003.

The PUREWAVE CM-07 is an electric handheld percussion massager with 6 interchangeable massage head attachments for use on your back as well as soft tissue throughout your body.

The versatility of this product is what makes it ideal since you can adjust the massage head and intensity for the different muscles you target.

YouTube video

To use this back massager you would hold it by the handle and reach around to your back.

The large pad-like head can pulse the larger muscle groups on your back to relieve tightness and boost blood circulation.

This is a good massager to use if your back is particularly tender and painful.

That being said, I found that I outgrew this massager quite quickly as I needed something more powerful with time.

purewave massager 1
The Pure Wave massager comes with different massage heads

And you’ll also need good shoulder flexibility as the tool requires you to reach over your shoulder or around your side to get to your back.

If you want something you’ll use daily to release tension and stay ahead of back pain without the help of another person, you may find it too labour-intensive.

On the other hand, if you have specifically very sore and tender back muscles, this packs the intensity you need and gives you precision.

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Versatile and can be used on any body part
Comes with different massage heads depending on your needs
Long handle so you can reach your own back
Can be difficult to reach some areas of the upper and lower back without needing assistance
Not as relaxing as some back massagers where you can lean into them
People looking for an intense massage may need something more powerful

Standard Lacrosse Massage Ball

If I could only have one massage tool for the rest of my life this would be it.

Simply take the massage ball and put it against a wall. Then lean your back into the ball.

You can move your body around to massage the areas that feel the tightest from your lower back all the way up to your traps.

If you feel a trigger point lean into the ball more and hold it for 30 seconds.

It really doesn’t get any simpler than this.

This massage ball is versatile and can be used on any part of the body.

This particular massage ball is also quite firm, so if this is your first time massaging you should be gentle.

While it isn’t the most relaxing and hi-tech option on this list nothing really beats its effectiveness in targeting muscle knots.

If you are looking for a low-price and portable solution, this could be well worth a punt.

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Light and portable
To use it on your back you have to use it against a wall or on the floor
Requires effort and generally isn’t relaxing

Snailax Cordless Back, Neck and Shoulder Massager

The design of the Snailax shiatsu back and neck massager makes it ideal for a relaxing upper back and neck massage.

It’s an electric shiatsu massager that rests on the backs of your shoulders, with arm straps that drape down the front of your torso.

These arm straps have hooks at the ends you can use to rest your forearms or to pull down on the device with your hands to add intensity.

This device offers deep kneading shiatsu massage with rollers at 3 speeds for different intensity levels.

YouTube video

It also has a heat feature, so if you deal with upper back tension or neck stiffness, this could help.

This neck and back massager can give you a powerful massage that keeps pain at bay after a long day at work no matter where the tension hits you.

Even though it is mostly advertised as a neck massager, I’ve found they work extremely well on the lower back.

The massage nodes protrude out significantly which is perfect for reaching the smaller muscles of the lower back.

Plus, it’s cordless, which makes it easy to use anywhere.

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Cordless design for convenience
Specially designed for both neck and back
Can be used on the lower back as well
Provides a deep tissue massage experience
Sometimes the netting on these types of back massagers can become worn over time

Zyllion Shiatsu Kneading Massage Pillow

Compared to a neck and shoulder shiatsu massager like the Snailax back and neck massager, the Zillion shiatsu back pillow is a lot smaller and easier to travel with, and a little easier to manipulate.

Where versatility is concerned, this massage cushion can target your whole body.

The great thing about the Zillion shiatsu back pillow is that you can use it as a lumbar pillow at your desk that doubles as a massager, to keep back pain at bay.

YouTube video

It comes with a strap you can use to strap the massager to your chair and massage your back at any height for targeting different muscle groups, such as the upper traps, which quickly fatigue at a computer desk.

This electric back massager is also great for targeting the lower back.

massage pillow 1

The Zyllion shiatsu back pillow has a heating feature with a 20-minute auto shut off safety feature. It’s FDA-listed and users vouch for its durability in positive reviews.

Unfortunately, this device needs to be plugged in to use, so you have to be seated near a wall outlet.

It comes with a car adapter but doesn’t have a USB charging option.

I’ve found that the massage nodes on these are a bit flat for my liking (compared to a neck and back massager) so they don’t penetrate as deep into the muscles as I’d like.

That being said, I still think that many people will not need such an intense massage. If that’s the case this pillow is a great low-cost and relaxing back massager.

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Massage cushion can be strapped to a chair
Has a soothing heat function
Provides deep tissue shiatsu massage
Needs to be plugged in to use
Not penetrative enough for the lower back

Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Back Massager

The Body Back Buddy massage cane is a manual trigger point massage tool with a patented design that makes it effective and versatile for full-body use.

It’s only $30 and packs incredible value for your money.

While many products that came in its wake tried to mimic its design, the Body Back Buddy stands as the best in its class.

YouTube video

It has an S-shape with two hooks and 2 handlebars, and altogether 11 nodes that dig deep into soft tissues anywhere in the body.

The intensity is set by the pressure you apply as you leverage the cane.

This tool comes with an instructional booklet and access to online videos so you can learn the exact techniques for releasing specific trigger points that cause pain.

body back buddy

The idea is to hook one end around a part of your body, such as a shoulder or trap muscle, and leverage the other end of the stick to pull into the soft tissue.

If you’re going for an affordable trigger point therapy tool for releasing knots, the Body Back Buddy is a golden choice.

Keep in mind, it requires manual effort on your part, as the tool acts like an extension of your hands and fingers to do its job.

There’s also a learning curve when you’re first starting out, and you need to be careful not to overdo it.

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Effective for releasing single trigger points and knots
Has a 30-day money-back guarantee and comes with a lifetime warranty
Not relaxing
You need to do most of the work to use this back massager
Not suited for massaging large areas in one go

Theragun PRO Percussion Massager

The Theragun Pro percussion massage gun is the best of the best in terms of massage guns because it packs the most force, comes with 6 attachment heads and can be adjusted for you to reach different angles.

Though you’ll do a little heavy spending and heavy lifting (it weighs 3 pounds), this tool is worth it because of the intensity it packs.

With 60 pounds of force behind each percussive stroke, there’s nothing that can better knock the tension out of a tough muscle knot in your back.

YouTube video

One of the massage heads that comes with the Theragun Pro is a flat edge head for getting along crevices of joints and between muscles to work out adhesions.

The other heads are rounded in different sizes, with one being more pointed for hitting small trigger points.

my theragun pro package

You can change the speed to adjust the intensity and penetrate deeper layers of muscle.

I personally love my Theragun Pro because it’s extremely powerful and loosens up tight muscles effectively.

The only issue is that to effectively use it on your back you may need another person to help you out.

While it’s too intense for some, for people with stubborn muscle knots and weightlifters with large, tight muscles, the Theragun Pro is a godsend.

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Effective on sore muscles
Different massage heads to mix things up
Very expensive
Some parts of the back are hard to reach without some assistance

Comfier Shiatsu Chair Neck & Back Massager

The shiatsu neck and back massager from Comfier is brilliantly designed to let you relax in any seat you sit in, whether your car or your couch, and get a massage from your neck down to your buttocks.

By covering so many muscle groups at once with kneading shiatsu rollers, it allows you to take a deeply relaxing and restorative break.

This type of massager won’t give you the precision of trigger point therapy tools, but it’s not labour-demanding for you and you’re able to get more muscle groups massaged in much less time.

What makes the Comfier stand out above other models is that you get airbag compression from the sides squeezing your torso and hips to release tension while the shiatsu rollers knead down either side of your spine and on your glutes.

Plus, it has an infrared heat feature to provide additional pain relief.

According to users who love the product, it provides an intense massage that relieves pain and soreness from daily desk work.

Some find the rollers too hard, but a towel placed over them can reduce the intensity.

A common complaint is the weight of the massager, so keep in mind that it’s 21.6 pounds.

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Covers large areas of the back
Can be used while sitting and working at your desk
Can be heavy and bulky
Slightly more expensive than other back massager options

iReliev Wireless TENS + EMS System

The iReliev wireless therapy device isn’t necessarily a back massager, but it’s a tool featuring TENS and EMS technology for people with chronic pain.

If you want a daily solution for back pain, this is a great alternative to intense shiatsu back massagers and percussion guns, which often cause pain in the process of releasing pain and can add to muscle damage with improper use.

The downside to this tool is that it won’t knead out muscle knots or provide any pressure you can feel.

However, it can relieve pain and increase blood circulation through the signals it emits.

You don’t directly feel them, but these signals trigger a natural response in your tissues to block the signalling of pain to your brain.

YouTube video

It stimulates the release of your own natural pain-killing endorphins, too.

Unlike other TENS units that have cords, the iRelieve is wireless, so you can wear the pads anywhere on the go for pain relief.

The 2 pads it comes with are 3 by 5 inches, which is the ideal design for placement on either side of your spine, whether your pain is in your lower back or closer to your shoulders.

iReliev TENS EMS 6
iReliev TENS Unit Package

You can place them anywhere, so they’re versatile whether you have tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome or Achilles pain.

I don’t tend to use my TENS unit on a regular basis as I prefer a back massager, however, if you have chronic pain and need short-term relief this device is worth a shot.

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Effective in providing pain relief
Can be used all over the body
Has EMS technology built-in
Doesn’t provide shiatsu massage or deep tissue massage
Short-term pain relief only

Core Products Jeanie Rub Variable Speed Massager

The Jeanie Rub variable-speed massager is professional equipment you can have in your home to manage chronic back pain and muscle tension.

It provides percussive therapy, with a 4-in by 9-in pad delivering pulses to whatever surface it’s placed on.

Where this device falls short is that it’s not a self-massage device, so you’ll need someone to use it on your back.

You can, however, use it on other muscle areas in your reach, such as your thighs and calves.

With the twist of the dial, you can increase or lower the speed, which adds or reduces intensity.

It gives you the benefits of a percussion massage gun by providing a deep tissue percussion to shake up any tension.

It does so even more quickly by targeting a larger surface area at once, compared to a percussion gun.

There’s no round tip for trigger point release, but if you want a back massage without the pain of trigger point therapy, the Jeanie Rub massager is a good choice.

Users love that the Jeanie Rub has a 12-foot power cord for easier use, compared to others like it.

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Offers vibration therapy
Different levels of intensity to choose from
Need assistance to use it on your own back
Doesn’t knead muscles

SNAILAX Memory Foam Massage Mat

The Snailax memory foam massage mat is an affordable option for a full-body vibration massage with heat.

It offers a relaxing way to get relief from muscle tension or pain whether you’re sitting or lying down.

It’s made of memory foam for form-fitting comfort and it rolls up for easy portability.

The Snailax mat doesn’t provide shiatsu massage or deep tissue massage, but the full-body vibration comes from 10 motors, which provide the most stimulation at the largest muscle areas in your back, glutes and legs.

It can be a great accompaniment to a manual trigger point release tool because it gives you a full-body relaxation experience without pain.

Keeping the Snailax mat at your bedside, you can turn it on with the heat function first thing in the morning to relieve stiffness and wake up your body with a blood circulation boost.

There are 3 vibration speeds and 5 auto massage programs.

Some customers have been disappointed with this product because the vibration motors aren’t covered with enough padding to make the mat comfortable due to the model’s focus on a lightweight, foldable design.

Vibration therapy
Covers whole body
You can use this back massager lying down
Doesn’t provide shiatsu or deep tissue massage like other back massagers

Body Back Wood Back Roller

The Wood Back Roller from Body Back looks like an odd-shaped rolling pin, but it’s a manual back massage tool like a foam roller but it provides a more intense massage designed specifically for kneading your back.

It’s at the same price point as the Body Back Buddy massage cane, but it’s less versatile.

While you can’t use it to pinpoint small trigger points like you can with a massage cane, you can knead out more surface area on your back at a time.

It penetrates the muscle tissue more deeply than a foam roller, with 2 protruding nodes designed to massage around your spine.

You can use this back roller on other body parts too, such as your legs and arms, and you can gently use it on your neck.

You get a great deal of intensity when you roll on this tool on the floor, since it’s made of solid wood.

This is definitely one of the more intense back massagers on this list and it offers all the intensity required to release tight fascia, and muscle knots for a healthy, mobile back.

Not only is it quite intense to use, but you also have to get on the floor to use it.

If you have experience with foam rollers or massage balls, however, using this back roller should come intuitively.

Good for massaging sore muscles around the spine
Not as relaxing as other electric back massagers
It will be quite intense for beginners

RENPHO Handheld Deep Tissue Massager

The RENPHO is a lot like the PUREWAVE massager, but it comes at a much lower price point.

Still, it’s wireless and holds a 140-minute charge.

It comes with 5 different attachment heads. One of them features a unique arch shape with two prongs for massaging around the length of your spine.

Someone would need to help you with this technique on your back, but it’s definitely possible to massage around your shoulder blades and upper trapezius on your own by reaching the device over your shoulder.

Hook your arm around your side to reach your serratus anterior and lats.

YouTube video

You can’t go wrong with such a versatile electric handheld massager for this price.

If you have shoulder or neck pain, this tool is an excellent cheaper alternative to the PUREWAVE for percussion therapy.

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Handheld back massager
Comes with different massage heads
Cheaper alternative to the PureWave massager (reviewed earlier)
May need assistance reaching some areas of the upper and lower back

NekTeck Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

If you like what the Snailax shiatsu back and neck massager can do, then you’ll like NekTeck’s model, which has comparable features for a lower price.

Unlike the Snailax version, it isn’t cordless. However, with the adapter it comes with, you can use the device in your car.

The features it does share with Snailax’s high-end model are heating and a versatile design with straps for hooking the massager around different muscle groups.

Customers have complained the massager doesn’t really get hot when the heating feature is on, and others complain the shiatsu rollers fail to provide the intensity they need.

However, the overwhelming reception from buyers has been that the NekTeck gets the job done, relieving any sore or aching muscles in the body and providing a deep sense of relaxation.

Considering the price and that the NekTeck gives you a free 1-year warranty on the product, it’s worth a try as an affordable shiatsu back massager.

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Can be used on the neck as well
Heat function
Relatively low price
Nodes sink deep into the back
Needs to be plugged in to use unlike the Snailax shiatsu back massager

uCozy 3D Back and Neck Massage Pillow

The uCozy massager from Osim is an electric massage pillow with a heat feature.

Like the Zyllion shiatsu pillow, it comes with a strap for placing it on the back of your chair, and a heating feature that shuts off after 20 minutes.

The uCozy costs more than the Zyllion pillow, but it’s slightly larger and has 6 massage nodes instead of 4.

The downside is it also requires being plugged in.

Since it weighs 5 pounds, it’s probably not the most portable massager anyway.

If you use it in your home office or at a chair next to a wall, you can get a quality, intense deep kneading massage for your back.

You can also use it on other body parts. Users report it provides effective relief for tight or swollen caves and tired feet.

Besides finding a wall outlet to sit nearby, there’s no effort required on your part, since all you need to do is relax and let the device do all the work.

Can be used on other body parts besides the back
Can use it sitting or lying down
More expensive than the Zyllion shiatsu back massager

Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

The Sonic massage gun from LifePro is your best choice for getting big results at a more affordable price.

It has a free lifetime warranty included with it.

With an ergonomic handle grip, it’s easy enough to hold, but it lacks the adjustable angle feature the Theragun Pro has.

It comes with 4 attachment heads, including one with two prongs designed to work around your spine and lower back.

If you know or suspect that your back pain originates from your spine, which can happen when it’s continually compressed under weight, this massage head could help.

However, you’d need a person to assist you as you lie down on your front.

Due to the limited angles, it’s hard to reach your own back effectively with this device.

However, you can use it on your upper back and shoulders by reaching over with the opposite arm.

It’s largely geared toward athletes for heavy-duty deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy, but it’s worth its weight in gold if you have back pain and a person who can assist you.

It can quickly knock out muscle tension and knots, and restore circulation with intense pulses at adjustable speeds, and release trigger points with precision.

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Can be used on all body parts
Powerful deep tissue massager
Great for releasing muscle tension
Various head attachments to vary up the massage
May need assistance to reach your own back

SNAILAX SL-233 Chair Pad

This shiatsu massager from Snailax is a massage chair pad with shiatsu massage nodes and heat, plus vibration for your glutes and thighs. It massages your entire back plus your neck.

While it shares many of the same features as the Comfier model, such as heating, it doesn’t have airbags on the side for compression therapy.

However, both the Snailax and Comfier give you the option of plugging the device into your car with an adapter.

Since the Snailax weighs 15.5 pounds, it’s easier to carry around compared to the Comfier massager.

With some massage chair pads, the sizing is a guessing game and you don’t know whether the feel is right until you sit down in it.

Snailax informs customers the chair is suitable for anyone between 1.6 to 1.8 meters tall, a unique feature that makes the Snailax special is that it lets you move the shiatsu nodes up and down according to your height so you can get the perfect fit.

The product has a 90-day money-back guarantee and a 2-year warranty included.

As long as your height is within its sizing, this massager is an excellent choice.

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Massages the whole of your back
Can be used on most chairs
Relaxing back massager with heat
Comes with a car adapter
Bulkier than some of the other electric back massager options on this list

Real Relax Favor 03 Plus Massage Chair

If your main goal in buying a back massager is to relax and relieve tension that builds up during the day, the Real Relax massage chair might be what you need.

While it’s more expensive than the other tools on this list, what it offers is a full-body massage from your head to your feet simultaneously while all you have to do is sit and enjoy.

This massage chair doubles as a spinal decompression device because you can adjust it to recline at zero gravity, which removes all pressure from your spine.

As rotating massage nodes knead your back and neck, the zero gravity position allows blood to circulate in between your spine’s vertebrae, nourishing your spinal discs so that your spine can maintain better flexibility and posture.

YouTube video

In the leg rest, there are airbags that inflate to compress your muscles, similar to an air leg compression massager.

The footrest extends and retracts in length so that you can adjust the chair to your height. While the chair is adjustable for height, it’s not adjustable for width.

Users with thicker legs have complained the intensity of the airbags makes it too painful.

Unhappy customers said the rollers were too hard and stopped using the chair to prevent muscle damage.

However, the overwhelming reception has been positive, with users saying the relaxing experience and pain relief make this pricey chair worth every penny.

Some of the other features of the Real Relax include Bluetooth for music pairing, 3 different speed levels for the massage nodes and 6 auto massage programs.

It comes in 3 colour options and has an LED light.

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Provides a luxurious full-body massage experience
Compression, kneading, and vibration massage

Best Back Massager Recommendations

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B017V7UKW2&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=bestbackmassager 20&language=en US

My top recommendation as the best back massager from this list is the massage lacrosse ball.

It packs a ton of value for an affordable price, as it can be comfortably used on any muscle group or area that needs relief.

It’s easy to take with you to work, and it’s much smaller than a neck and shoulder massager or a massage chair pad.

Still, it puts in all the therapy you need in one small device.

If you want to remove knots and don’t want to have to lean against a wall, my recommendation is the Body Back Buddy.

It’s inexpensive, comes with a lifetime warranty and it’s the best at getting the job done without an extra pair of hands.

If you want something more relaxing then the Snailax neck and back massager is a great pick due to its deep kneading massage and versatility.

Guide to Buying a Back Massager

Here are the important factors to consider when choosing the best back massager for your own needs.

Type of Back Massage

The type of back massager that’s right for you depends on the therapy you need most.


Shiatsu massagers will use rotating massage rollers to deliver a deep tissue massage.

They will knead your muscles in a similar massage style as what you would receive in a spa.

These massagers are typically electric and are great for relaxation.


Vibration massagers do not sink into the muscles like a shiatsu massager but instead vibrate lightly.

These are the least intense type of back massagers and also can be used in relaxing settings.


A percussion massager is designed to soothe sore muscles by striking muscles quickly and repeatedly.

These types of massagers can help with increasing blood flow and improving range of motion.

Trigger Point Release

This is the type of massager you will use when you want to release painful knots. 

Given that releasing a trigger point is considered a painful process these kinds of massagers aren’t relaxing at all!

These massagers are usually manual and low priced.

Back Massager Features

Back massagers come in all kinds of sizes, shapes and styles. Here are some features to look out for.

Electric vs Manual

This is the most basic decision to be made when choosing your back massager.

Do you want a back massager you can come home to after a long day and use effortlessly while you relax? Or are you willing to do whatever it takes to fix an acute source of back pain?

Generally, electric massagers are more relaxing to use as the device is doing the work.

However, they are better at massaging large areas.

If on the other hand, you have a small spot that is all knotted up and causing you pain, you’ll want to go with a manual massager for pinpoint accuracy.


If you travel frequently or want a tool you can use both at home and at work every day, you’ll need to look for a back massager that’s portable.

Some back massagers are designed with portability in mind, while others focus just on the therapeutic aspect and require use at home.


Consider finding a back massager that can be used on any muscle group in your body.

Full-body tools, such as trigger point release massagers and shiatsu massage pillows, can pack more value in one.

If you ever need relief for your legs or if you develop tendonitis anywhere, your versatile back massager will come in handy.


If you want an electric back massager like a shiatsu massager or a massage gun to help you get the intensity your back muscles need, be sure to check how much power a device delivers before buying it.

Some percussion guns that are less expensive have a lot less force than you get from one that specializes in delivering maximum force.


Many back massagers have a heat feature, which allows you to get faster relief from pain.

The heat stimulates blood flow in your tissues and loosens your muscles for a better massage.

Trigger point release tools don’t typically offer heat therapy, but many massage chair pads and pillows have a heat function.

If you want the benefits of heat therapy, be sure to look for a back massager with heat.

The Benefits of Getting a Back Massager

In the past, professional massages were given by masseuses alone, but advancements in technology have now made it possible to get the same relief at home.

Here are the major benefits of having your own personal back massager tool:

Puts You Ahead of the Pain

Ever caught yourself thinking it would take a daily visit to a masseuse to fix your back?

Having a back massager at home allows you to stay ahead of back pain by massaging your sore muscles every day.

This prevents tension from building up to pain so that you’re never desperate for relief.

Convenient and Affordable

Without visits to massage parlours to be worked on by masseuse’s hands, you can save a lot of money by paying one time for the right technology.

You also save the time it takes to go to a spa.

If you never had time to go to a spa in the past, now you can squeeze in as little as 15 minutes a day to work on your back at home.

Improves Mental Health

By boosting circulation, back massagers help blood get to your brain.

Science shows massage promotes hormone balance by releasing feel-good hormones like endorphins and oxytocin and reducing the circulation of stress hormones [ Hence, the relaxing feeling you get from a massage.

Protects Your Spine

Back massagers promote spinal health by increasing the flow of blood between spinal discs.

This can prevent back pain that’s caused by spinal nerves being cut from adequate circulation, and prevent problems like slipped discs from arising.

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