The 3 Most Important Joints to Keep Mobile & Why

It’s important to ensure that you keep all your joints healthy by ensuring that they are able to move properly. Most of us know this intuitively but still ignore the basic warnings. In the video below by Guerilla Zen Fitness, we learn the top 3 joints to keep mobile and why. Learning the reasons why will help us to take mobilisation exercises for these joints more seriously.

In this short video we learn that the following joints are often overlooked.

  • Ankles – Most of the time, whether we know it or not, our feet are in a plantar flexed position (toes pointed down) rather than a dorsal flexed position (toes pointing upwards). Even if you think your shoes are flat, most shoes have some sort of raised heel which shortens the calves. The problem with this is that over time we lose mobility in the ankles which can cause too much mobility in other areas such as the knees which can lead to knee problems.
  • Hips – As the video points out a lot of people develop problems in the hip ans seems to be a major problem area for many people leading to lots of needless surgery and pain.
  • Thoracic spine – This is probably a surprise to many that the spine would be on this list. However, if you lack mobility in your upper spine, this can lead to other problems such as lower back and shoulder pain. If you have an inflexible spine it can cause dysfunction in many other areas.

If you haven’t already watched the video then I recommend you do so for a better explanation as well as learning simple exercises you can do daily to prevent problems developing in these areas.

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